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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Life's A Funny Thing!

I have just listened to Dan Hannan's latest tour de force in The EU sop Parliament. Quite brilliant and I recommend it to everyone but socialists and Marxists in particular. I have placed it below my latest musings. Throughout my life I have always played catch up with my contemporaries. Blew school and caught up via The RAF. Entered a commercial flying career later than I should. Not that most everything has not been fun, despite the hard effort of running to stay in the race for a good career and life. The point of this discourse is to suggest that life really is a lottery and possibly the better for it. However sometimes the lottery throws up dreadful people whose lucky number puts then in power over others. More often than not they are less able than they think themselves. Hence the innate arrogance of people such as Desperate Dan like character, James Gordon. This is not confined to political careerists, however. All professions and walks of life end up with a pecking order. In the lower socio-economic sphere a lorry driver or local gangster is revered far more than a surgeon or airline pilot. In the upper echelon it's all about wealth and privilege. Sadly it seems the luck of the draw is not how leaders get to the top. Ted Heath, a mincing twin of Jimmy and just as unpleasant and devious. Look at Mandy, Ed Balls, Harperson or even, possibly, Cameron and Osborne. The latter are yet to be tested in power so it would be fair to wait on that judgement.
This brings me back to the star of the post. Dan Hannan had the cojones to lambaste gurning Jimmy and nail him perfectly. A book out today completes the "bunker" sagas knowledge of this nose picking creature's inadequacy and the precision of Dan's coruscation. So is it not a little disappointing that Dan Hannan is languishing in Brussels, good as his work there is? Surely we have a charismatic and brilliant mind here, capable of breathtaking greatness? Buck up, DC, you need this man on your front bench.


  1. I agree with you. I think Tebbit has been in fine voice lately too. These two gentlemen, as well as Mr Carswell and a handful of others truly represent conservatism as I understand it. I just don't think Cameron has it in him...

  2. Mr Hannan is valuable. I am not sure about Dave though. He seems to want to be President, except it would be the Dan Quayle kind and not the JFK kind.

    Hannan says stuff. He causes people to take sides. Perhaps that is his problem. Dave is like fly-paper - people will stick to him, but it is not for good reasons.

  3. Dan is a nutter Cameron said so

    "He does have some quite eccentric views about some things,"

    No room for Dan at Camerons top table although they let him in Camerons court every now and then just to laugh at him the 'Jester'

  4. Cameron will never have Dan Hannan around him. Let's be honest, Cameron knows full well Hannan would knock the tories into shape no bother. Why encourage that when he can drift along being vaguely tory?

  5. Given that Dan is conservative and CallMeDave just isnt; that Dan is articulate, smart, funny and CallMeDave is just well scripted; that Dan speaks with passion about things he really believes in and CallMeDave doesnt seem able to stick to his guns over anything; that Dan would oust CallMeDave as party leader in very short order; I really can't think of any reasons at all why CallMeDave would ever have Dan in the UK party.

  6. John R, for the very reasons you point out!