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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Labour, enemy of the poorest and scourge of the vulnerable

Labour don't even have to pretend that they are a party for the rich, it's impossible for them to hide. They are so obsessed with wealth that their thoughts are preoccupied by how rich they are going to become when they leave parliament. Lucrative tours of the after dinner speech circuit or consultancy work for lobbying firms will keep their fur-lined pockets awash with silver and gold. They are of course helped on their way by generous resettlement allowances and golden handshakes. Labour MPs are a group of people who don't have to even think twice about setting foot in a Job Centre. The fact that they've never been inside one anyway is of comfort to these monumental troughers.

Yet for the rest of society, particularly the poorest, things are getting tougher by the day. Long-term unemployment is at it's highest level since 1997, demonstrating that Labour have failed in everything that they have tried to do. Without bread and butter we are nothing, if we have no work, we are doomed. 8 million people or 21% of people of working age are classified as economically inactive, meaning that they contribute nothing, for all sorts of reasons, many genuine, many not. Public sector employment hit 6 million shortly before new year. We are all paying the price for Gordo's empire building; the ruthless and fanaticaly obsession with growing the state to mercilessly nanny every aspect of our lives. It will all have to go. Let's see the money re-invested in finding public sector workers, new jobs in the private sector. Let's see the money re-investedin in finding work for the economically inactive. Let's invest in employment, rather than investing in control. Labour have ploughed 13 years of taxes into maximising control, it's unsustainable and it's no wonder we're in such a mess.


  1. And of course the green taxes - they haven't really started yet. They will shortly when the utility providers start their long haul to even greater profits.

  2. Very true. I'll never forget having to fork out £300 for a new catalytic converter on an old car, where the car was worth less than the price of the new catalytic converter. All just to bring the CO2 output down by a few parts per million. All an unproven and tenuous link with AGW!