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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Keeping Our Streets Safe?

I Think Not.

"Terror experts believe AbdulMutallab, 23, was targeted by al Qaeda as a suicide bomber because he had previously flown to the United States, had a valid visa and had lived in the UK. More than a dozen British radicals reportedly are being trained in Yemen today, not to mention scores training in Pakistan.
But if we begin to point fingers at Britain, we will need two hands. The danger from Britain has its source in nearly every institution in British society: a Parliament that cannot pass counterterrorism legislation, police that do not arrest because evidence is not strong enough to convince a British court, security agencies that do not disclose to the media information about suspects, Islamic organizations that tell Muslims that such silence proves that the suspects have been falsely accused, a press that allows the public to believe such claims, jurors who then hold prosecutors to impossible standards and a once-glorious culture of tolerance that has lost its bearings.
London has become a fertile field in the jihadi playground, along with Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia.
Our great friend has allowed herself to become a strategic resource to our common enemies and a liability in the struggle against terrorism. "
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Is this not shameful? Labour have reduced us to the level of Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. Still we are to expect more opinion poll joy for this cretinous and dreadful bunch of liars, thieves and charlatans. Whatever will it take to make sheeple wake up? Is Labour putting something in our drinking water? It would seem to work especially well for The MSM, Politics Home and The BBC. Awash with a hung Parliament. The only hanging I want to see is that of those who have so recklessly and selfishly got us in the mess we are in.


  1. OR, you post some good stuff but no bugger listens. Is this the UK sheeples herding instinct?

  2. OK, suppose the accused MPS aren't found guilty. Suppose that Labour somehow holds onto power at the next election. Suppose that councils cut services while increasing public sector wages and pensions. Suppose that Tony Blair escapes Scot-free, if a little bruised. Suppose that gert Wilders is prosecuted in the Netherlands. Suppose that taxes rise particularly for the poorest. Suppose that there are rafts of new and ever more intrusive legislation. Suppose there are riots in the cities between Islamists and 'Islamophobes'.

    Will that be enough?

    We are mere months away, OR, in my opinion, from a state where it will be a common act for a decent English family man to seek out a source for personal firearms. Legal, or otherwise.

  3. Will that be enough?

    Edgar, probably not. I just don't know why the populace are so meek and accepting of the billions of tons of Labour excrement being poured on their heads.

  4. Forgive me for twitterng on about the 'Boiled Frog Experiment' again - but the process appears to have direct comparisons with political naivety and resultant indifference. The frog is willing placed in an environment that appears to suit his needs (a warm and sufficient water bath with no effort needed to think for itself) - at the same time the frog in his beaker is placed over a slow heat which is insidiously increased. The hapless frog is gradually orientated to this hostile environment until it is too late to leap from his beaker and escape and is thus - 'boiled'.

    Many of us appear to be valiantly attempting to encourage the frogs to leap while they can - but as far as they are concerned it's us that have the problem in not joining them in their nice and cozy beaker. They cannot see the flame from their perspective.

    Just be grateful that Labour
    at least still have their chief knob-twister (what else can I call somebody with his hand on the heat control?) as PM and perhaps missed a trick in not replacing him with another who might appear to have better skills in convincing more of us to jump in.

    Up here, in Scotland, we have at least side-lined our very own Labour Elmer Fudd and his Fuddites (thanks to Rab in the Caledonian Mercury for the moniker) despite the parboiled froggies in Glenrothes and Glasgow North East who demanded the flame be turned higher.

    Here, we have the momentum and promise of increased devoluton and/or Independence to get more of us jumping out and findig our political feet again. Mr Salmond has a good record of reducing the flame of Labour's nasty experiment to a peep. England needs to be made aware of where the heat is really coming from - it's probably not AGW - before it croaks.

    Did you see Gwyneth Paltrow - sorry, Alastair Campbell, on the Andrew Marr programme this morning - how vile to see his master-class in generating crocodile tears demonstarting the depth of his self-interest.

  5. Clarinda, a terrific post and thank you. Boiled frog indeed!

  6. Similar comment here:

    Not anything terribly new, comments like this were being made a few years ago but nothing meaningful is done.

  7. think that link was too long