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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Jimmy Attacks Our Constitution!

New Voting Powers That Will Never Happen.

A grab for power. No more no less. What a despicable piece of work. This statement is an absolute piece of dubious and hidden motive. This mad man is very, very dangerous. Electioneering and manifesto pledging and we know how much we can trust Manifesto pledges, don't we! A referendum that will be re-run if the result is different than that required. Where's this cretin been for 13 years. Unbelievable.


  1. What happened to the last 13 years?

  2. As usual from the pile gutter scrapings that is our PM all we get is party over country. NuLieBore's interests must always take precedence over any other consideration. He shows no ethics; no morals; no pride; no honesty; no shame in his actions - and never has.

    It's all he knows, it's all he can think of as a response to any problem.

  3. John R, I'll brook no argument for your analysis!

  4. PR is discredited wherever it is used - just ask the people of Northern Ireland where it has created an Assembly with "power sharing" - the biggest obstacle to real progress - a hive of obstruction and partisan point-scoring - and in the EU where it merely serves to create political stagnation and jobs for the boys!

    Socialism, eh, OR? Another discredited dogma - dressed-up communism, to call a spade a spade - a blot on the British landscape.