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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

It's Going To Be Some Election!

Labour Lie. It's In Their DNA.

At An Election Event For Labour (funded by us?) this morning it was broached that Labour will seek a further levy on people after death to fund their "care" policy. Sounds very probable to me. However, how many more such nasty, vindictive and spiteful things are in their post election store cupboard? Terrifying for anyone not on state handouts, for sure. Interestingly they had this on the stove back in 2005!
Don't forget their council tax revaluations either. Remember they wish to tax us for having a pleasant garden.


  1. Crafty. Bring in an assisted suicide bill. Top the oldies and pocket £20,000. Maybe David Icke isn't barking mad after all !
    Brave New World WAS a Fabian blueprint.
    They will still need the fake swine flu jabs etc to finish off the poor though.

  2. What if you can't pay? Do they set Derek Acorah on your ectoplasmic ass?

    God, that would be unbearable. I'd rather go and stay with the red guy, if he's willing to take the risk I might be after his job.

  3. I'm not too worried at the prospect of going "down below" .. I'll probably be too busy shaking hands to do any coal shovelling ..

  4. "I'm not too worried at the prospect of going "down below""

    Well I am, Captain, I've had enough of Socialists in this life. I certainly don't want an eternity with the buggers. Hell on earth for sure!