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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Guido's Risk.

Was He Conned?

The "spoil the Tory weekend" BBC post from Fawkes caused quite a stir and we still have 36 hours to go. However a similar rumour was created last Autumn only to fizzle out like Gordy's sex drive when faced with his Beard. Possibly a little or even a large dose of Guido hubris methinks. That or Labour attack dogs having a nibble at him.
My musing for today is how many times must we endure such crappy teasing from this atrocious Gummint before the actual kick off? I am a little heartened of talk of attacking Labours' record of despair and ruination though. About time and make it hurtful truth.


  1. It all seems very quiet and The Tories getting goodish exposure so far.

  2. OR< I will only believe any date other than May 6th after Brown has been to see the Queen. Until then all rumours are ignored.