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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Labours' Slogan Has A Hollow Ring.

OldRightie has been away and wishes to thank "Youngrightie" for splendid stewardship in my absence. I am now back in the land of my fathers' which has now become broken, derelict and bankrupt. A barren outpost of the moral desert that is the EUSSR.

Today coverage of the forthcoming further rape of our savings and pension culture. This time it is the state pension in for a kicking. The image above is a pictorial metaphor for what not only awaits most people but is a reality today. The BIG mystery is the apathy this situation engenders. There is a culture of all will be OK, Gordo and Labour will always shell out multi-billions to their core voters. Well those gullible ignoramuses are more screwed than a Thai 50 year old hooker. The thing is she got a few bob in return. The British seem happy to pay the punter! Mind you, Ollie has smelt a poll discrepancy which might prove that The Tory 6% lead is amongst Old Labour supporters. Now we know there are at least fifty of them somewhere!


  1. Yup, OR your youngster did good! You've missed a lot of punch ups whilst away.

  2. What have you got against Thai women? Racist!

  3. Nothing at all, gorgeous ladies.

  4. What have you G.O.T. against Tea Pots with Brass Spouts? Chucklist!

  5. Welcome back and yes, the lad did a fine job.

    Did I hear Brown, at PMQs, saying he's given £60m to the NE to 'replace' the closure of Corus. I didn't record it but I'm sure someone along these lines was stated.

  6. Hi, Subrosa, I'm sure you are right. Smacks of their usual fraudulent antics to buy or rig ballots with our dosh!