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Friday, 5 February 2010

Economics As Warfare.

The West's Chief Banker?

After the dreadful economic collapse we are still to really experience until after a General Election, I have some musings. As awful as 9/11 was did we, as capitalist junkies, fail to see the brilliant motive behind it? I have for some years wondered why Muslim fanaticism would risk the wrath of America and some in The West by such an atrocity. Is it possible they, unlike in our Iraq invasion, actually saw an end game. A checkmate strategy culminating in the toppling of King Capitalism?
After all what is, historically, the most wealth draining human activity. Why, war and conflict. So what better weapon than to stir up such debilitating consequences? A war on terrorism? If I am correct then Osama must have quietly grinned to himself when Bush and Blair went down this path. It certainly exposed the soft underbelly of "financial instrument" trading when this perceived wealth was drawn down to fight wars and fund conflict. Of course we know The Bilderbergers profit regardless but where do they go to hide their money and themselves when slowly the radical movements unite worldwide? For sure, poverty can be a very unifying force and in a few years, maybe even months, that poverty is going to wreak a terrible price on the ordinary citizens of the West.
Is their a solution? Well, how much wealth might be saved if we pulled out of Afghanistan and Iraq? Start countering extremism with a healthy dose of fair and equable sharing of wealth? Capitalism can only work if it is fair. Socialism is far less fair and decent due to a lack of understanding of human differences. I rather suspect that one of the most brilliant minds in the world today is Osama Bin Laden. What's to show for an argument?


  1. Ah wonderful food for thought and possibly far nearer the truth than anything else I've read.

  2. Scary enough to be true. Doesn't say much for our lot, though!


    you in another war

  4. Anonycrap, 2010, your kind in this war?

  5. I have actually never thought of it like that! Excellent musings!

  6. On the right vane, but isn't it more likely that bush and bliar started it all for their own nefarious ends, rather than some maniac in a cave?