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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Does Britain Still Have Fair Play?

Labours' Billion Pound War Chests.

What's yours is mine, even in death.

"Gordon Brown will attend crisis talks in Brussels this week as the eurozone faces a crisis over the spiralling debt Greece and other countries have built up."

I consider this part of The EU master plan to significantly endorse and influence the forthcoming GE. I shall put my case for this and also highlight how Labour are manipulating their Govermental resources for the same ends. Not for Britain but for Labour and The Socialist Republic of The EU.

"European Union leaders are to give tacit support to Gordon Brown's attempt to win re-election amid fears in Brussels that David Cameron would adopt isolationist and Eurosceptic policies as prime minister.
Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, are both expected to visit London before the general election for talks with the Prime Minister. "

"At best the treaty would now have to be ratified from scratch in the Czech Republic. At worst there might be a legal case for all 26 member states to have to follow suit," said the official. "Either way it would add massive delays." Brussels is worried that this latest sabre-rattling could coincide with the election of a Tory government in Britain headed by David Cameron, who has pledged to hold a referendum on Lisbon. "

Now to more domestic misuse of Public Office and our money to tighten the ever choking grip of Labour and James Gordon Snotpicker. Of these few pieces there are many, many more examples. This behaviour costs us billions. A government not doing this will save an enormous amount. The target is to reduce 200billion of borrowing by Labour. Somewhere in the region of 20% can be saved through nothing more than decent and honest practice. Get rid of labour or they will be rid of us.

Labour's 'secret plan' to lure migrants
The Government has been accused of pursuing a secret policy of encouraging mass immigration for its own political ends.

Labour has tainted the civil service.
Cherished traditions of impartiality and public service have come under attack. Tories would show more respect for civil servants. Then came the first instance of Labour breaching the impartiality of government's communications; we discovered that "Building Britain's Future", a brand conceived and promoted by the civil service, is used extensively on the Labour party's website. This week we uncovered another example of this type of exploitation, with Labour hijacking the government's "Backing Young Britain" brand and using it as a recruitment tool on its website, accompanied by the phrase "Only Labour believes every young person deserves the opportunity to a fair chance in life".

So let us be clear, this election will be about fighting Labour and The EU barons, aided and abetted by The Trade Unions of Europe. It's a mountain to climb and the only crampons are yours and mine in the form of a cross on a ballot paper. Don't let the bastards win this unfair and disgraceful war on US!


  1. Not if you're unfortunate enough to be English it doesn't !! .. Grrrr

  2. Great post OR!

    I shall be re tweeting this to spread the word. Labour incense me beyond belief - and these kind of scurrilous antics need exposing!

  3. I hate the bastards more with each passing day, OR!

    Looks like my connectivity problem may have been sorted out with a well-delivered arse-kicking from Sky to BT earlier this afternoon. ;-)