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Monday, 8 February 2010

The Commander In Chief?

Soften Up The PR As Soldiers Die.

I expect my usual pro-Labour warmonger poster to pop by and slag off my Haw Haw, (as he sees it) credentials. However I only mention this cretin to highlight the kind of people our Commander in Chief inspires. A career Labour/Marxist leaning leftie pillock and trougher of expenses extraordinaire, has been instructed to tour the air waves to warn us, The Afghan peasant population and the Taliban that a mega fight is on the cards. In a morale sapping addendum he also tells us with some relish, (tough machospeak) to expect significant casualties. This is a preemptive strike against those of us who consider the whole war to be naive and dreadfully run to fill the coffers of The Bilderberger armament bank rollers. Hence the maxim gun syndrome. The real tragedy is the propaganda to explain how this battle is for hearts and minds. Ours and that of The Afghan people. So telling us many soldiers are to die or be horribly maimed and thousands of people displaced as the winter rains deluge the sandy plains is a good thing to do, Bob?

My prayers go out to both sides and in particular the Afghan refugees. In the year 2010 I find it despicable to have to witness a totally avoidable humanitarian tragedy inspired by this Labour cabal of thickos led by a lunatic. This latest episode of bloodletting will fail. How can I be so knowledgeable? It was ever thus in this benighted land. All the rubbish spouted is just trite when guns and war are your first line of debate. I am ashamed to be a citizen of a nation bankrupt of morality and of wealth. A plague on Labours' uselessness and a disappointing nod in the direction of The Opposition.


  1. There is something very weird about this publicity and I doubt we'l ever know the truth. Maybe a battlefield glorious victory to bolster Brown's credentials?

  2. He's just preparing the populace for some rather bad news to come.

  3. This twat Ainsworth couldn't even command my attention .. let alone fighting men !!

  4. "significant casualties."

    I wish he was one of them....

  5. Apparently this cunning plan of Baldrick Brown and Co. warning the 'enemy' that they are about to be defeated in an imminent battle will encourage the lesser ranks of the 'enemy' to lay down their arms and desert and leave only the hardened 'enemy' to face our troops - simples?

    Forgive me, but I would have thought that this throwing of the gauntlet would galvanise this particular 'enemy' in ever greater numbers to battle? Perhaps it is an attempt at reverse psychology to corner the Taliban et al. I think with the Afghan record of centuries in defeating and outwitting a variety of valient invaders etc. - our superb troops are being willfully and cynically exploited and I dread the handsome, young faces of our dead appearing in lower and lower priority on our screens with the General Election so close. Heartbreaking. Today the two dead soldiers, and no doubt others terribly wounded, get third billing below the MPs attempting to abuse their privilege of abusing their privilege.

  6. glass eyes don't cry8 February 2010 at 14:06

    I expect the usual will happen. The Taliban will melt away and let the 'allies' move in to their area. After a few weeks they will snipe and harry from a distance and then eventually take the land back as our troops will be needed somewhere else. So mass csualties, buildings destroyed and general misery all around for no purpose. I'm no great military theorist. I just read the reports from a similar operation last year called 'Panthers Claw'. I could have read reports from the Russian occupation or even the Vietnam war.
    But the Afghan and Iraq operations aren't pointless per se. They are just a small part of the US empire building which now encompasses the globe.
    For a fuller picture I advise watching this video ( and part 2)

  7. gedcs, Bilderbergers aren't only Americans. The French conection is very entrenched.

  8. glass eyes don't cry8 February 2010 at 14:27

    Casualties from Panthers Claw

    * June 19: On the first day of the operation, one British soldier, a Major from the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, was killed in an explosion near Lashkar Gah.

    * June 23: Lt Col Richardson of Task Force Helmand reported that British forces killed several Taliban fighters during operations in the vicinity of Bābājī Faşal.[8]

    * July 1: Two British soldiers—Lt Col Rupert Thorneloe, commanding officer of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards and Tpr Joshua Hammond of the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment—died, and six were wounded, near Shamalan Canal, at Lashkar Gah, when an IED exploded under their BvS 10 Viking armoured vehicle.[28][29] Lt Col Thorneloe is the highest-ranking British officer to be killed in action since Lt Col 'H'. Jones in the Falklands War and the highest-ranking to die in Afghanistan.[23][29]
    * July 4: Two more British soldiers were killed, one from 2nd Battalion, Mercian Regiment by a rocket-propelled grenade and a second from the Light Dragoons, by an IED, near Gereshk.[30]
    * July 5: A member of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards was killed in an explosion near Lashkar Gah.[31]
    * July 7: A member of the Light Dragoons was killed in an explosion near Gereshk.[32]
    * July 9–10: The Ministry of Defence announced that eight British soldiers had died within a 24-hour period, bringing the total number of fatalities of British Forces personnel in Afghanistan since 2001 to 184. Another 30 soldiers were wounded during that 24-hour period. Three of these soldiers were killed while supporting operation Panther's Claw.[33][34]
    * July 16: A member of 2nd Battalion, The Rifles, was killed in an explosion near Gereshk.

    No mention of civilians in that report. All to secure 150 votes in a corrupt election.

  9. Given the known history of Afghanisatan, give the known severe problems of military action in the area (ask the Russians who were there). Given the known capabilities of the Afgans for gueurilla action, how in creation could any sane politician get us into a mess like this?

  10. A total of 255 British servicemen and women have died since operations in Afghanistan began in October 2001.

    the current rate of attrition would leave an annual death toll of 83 UK soldiers,

    255 British servicemen and women died in 74 days during the Falklands war.

    and what do you and your appeasers and soldiers morale sappers say about that?.

  11. glass eyes don't cry9 February 2010 at 01:34

    I didn't realise we were supposed to be on a body count. Most commentators on here support the troops. It's the illegal wars we don't like. If the UK was invaded I'd be defending my town as hard as I could. I'm sure you would be doing the same.
    Interesting mentioning the Falklands. 256 UK dead due to the UK Govt failing to defend it properly. Retrieved by gallant troops and Carrington had the honour to fall on his sword for incompetence. A lot has changed in 30 years.

  12. Anonymouse, 1939. Appeasers? It's your leftie shit that creates the need to appease. Look at the number of appeased murderers now sucking at the tit of your taxes in Northern Ireland because Eire were too clever to claim it.