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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Bottler Broon is a Big Bad Bullying Bugger?

Thug McSnot was a hard-arsed businessman from the upper east side. He grew up repressed, his desires to thump his adversaries were quashed for a time by kindly influences. Then one day, Thug went to University and studied Tyranny and other classical authors. He learned martial arts and found he could get what he wanted without being polite. At that time, he knew he would be something great. He would do everything in his power to get to the top, to clumsily climb and clamber over all lesser mortals, who had worked hard for their bread and butter. Never having to work in a proper business, he never learnt any people skills and would roar angrily when he found the photocopier jammed. Telephones, dictaphones, you name it, were broken in those days. "I will be the leader," he yelled. Phoney McPony had other ideas. Oh how McSnot wanted to deck Phoney like only Prezza could.
It emerges today that several colleagues of Jimmy Broon have contacted an employee's anti-bullying helpline, seeking help and support to deal with the behaviour that they have experienced. Mandy and Broon wallow in total denial.


  1. OR, remember that Peter Mandelson took his medicine like a man! And that history records that he and Gordon had their moments.

    Oh, how I laughed.

  2. I have no sympathy whatsoever for those allegedly bullied by McSnot ..

    Bigger fools them for permitting him to get away with it, rather than simply "twatting" him, twice as hard .. and claiming "Self-defence" ..

    Let him try to bring charges & see what would happen ..

    Spineless bastards deserve no better ..

  3. This story has legs, OR, it won't be going away anytime soon, methinks. ;-)

  4. Love it, from spider, this story has legs !