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Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I Despair Of A Decent Broadcaster

Ever Again In Britain.

"Nixon famously denied he was a crook. At the weekend David Cameron denied he was a recovery-wrecker, confronting directly the argument that faster deficit reduction would jeopardise growth. Intriguingly, he also talked about "co-operating with the Bank of England" to......................

This blog extract has stood in pride of place on the BBC home page since yesterday morning. This privileged, Harperson style toff, is the woman who harangued David Cameron about the joys of marriage back in 2007. The constant subtle, as well as blatant bias by these people is utterly despicable. I just wish the pain most people are suffering, through the corrupt and Stalinist grip Labour have on power, could have their elitist bubbles burst. This same woman shortly after her DC handbagging attempt went on to say,

"Yes, it's perfectly likely John and I will marry;" plus, "Lady in red: Stephanie Flanders's scarlet dress made her stand out on the panel of Newsnight experts that interviewed David Cameron - but she denies it was a political statement." Which of course it was or was she holding a grudge from her Oxford days with Dave?

Old people dying in droves from the cold winter, jobs disappearing as fast as her cleaner's wages and a 200 billion quid debt pensions flapping in the breeze and still these Labour Luvvies do the talk without the walk. The BBC fawn over Jimmy Snotpicker Brown, having helped his predecessor to pillage his fortune from you and I. I really, really do despair. If they had to rely on commercial support they would be in the same cess pit of "crap broadcasting" as ITV. Basket case nation of mushrooms. Remember Harperson telling Dimbleby to quieten her opponent on Question time. Dreadful but such dangerous people. Pre-election they are plastering Labour all over the place. Still what joy if Labour are destroyed by us, the real people. Then we could start on them!

Then there is this load of manure about to collapse through the floor onto the fan below.


  1. Stephanie Flanders's scarlet dress- it was a political statement

    Your ill mate and the reason labours whittling away the
    conservative lead.Is because of Right wing Bloggers such as you.

    keep it up your the best thing labour have got

  2. Don't know if you watched it OR but climate change was the top story on Channel 4 News. Nigel Lawson was there on behalf of the non-believers and did an excellent job. The Righteous were represented by the boss of the UEA.

  3. Yes the BBC gave up being impartial about 10 years ago. Totally in love with Obama, the Palestinians, global warming nonsense,Labour, EU, multiculturalism, mass immigration, UN etc etc...
    This is there take on people not liking Obamas new health insurance policy. The Beeb think the US public are stupid. Living in the beeb world where there's no worries where their money is coming from they don't understand that things have to be paid for eventually.

  4. OR,

    I'd like to add a really clever or witty or clever and witty twist to that but I can't. I watched Brown blaming the MOD for the decisions about helicopters in Afghanistan and lost the will to live.

    That's their idea. That's how they will get us.

  5. normal voter said...

    A typical thick example of Labours' legacy of illiteracy and stupidity. If I'm great for Labour so are the morons like you who fail to notice when your so called leaders become billionaires with your tax money. Assuming you are on benefits, just dwell on that one weeks money doesn't buy your cabal a bottle of subsidised HoC wine. Or pay one hour's wages to Miss Flanders servants and nannies.

  6. biased BBC said.

    Spot on, Subrosa labour are getting ever more nasty and using Government time and money to do it.
    Jim, not us, buddy. Fight to the end to be rid of the hoons!

  7. Cameron should sell the BBC off (after raiding the Beeboids' £8+ billion pension fund). But he won't.

  8. "normal voter" = publicly funded pension pot. Silly b@stard can't even spell ;-)

    Either that or he/she/it is an out of work lamplighter waiting for a Labour inspired gas comeback.

    Good luck pal. I evade tax ;-)

  9. Spot on OR, Flanders has it in for the conservative Party and has since she appeared.
    Origninally, I thought that she just had a chip on her shoulder, now that we are on the run up to the election, I think that it is far, far more than that.

  10. HeadsonPoles said
    Still think it's a woman scorned. probably many times!

  11. She is the daughter of Flanders of Flanders and Swann "mud, mud glorious mud" - not that that expains anything!

    I quite like Laura Kuenssberg, especially when she took over from Nick Robinson on his blog some time ago and revealed some interesting low down on Labour skullduggery. She was strong on her report last night on the BBC and her report on PMQs. I know she's Scottish OR, but that's not my reasoning - I'm neutral as you know!

  12. Clarinda, LK sems more like the old school BBC. News not sychophancy!