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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ainsworth Hails Success?

The Spin This Morning Was Premature To Say The Least!

"Nato has confirmed that two rockets fired at militants during its offensive in Helmand, south Afghanistan, missed their target and killed 12 civilians as Marine commander Brigadier General Larry Nicholson said: "That doesn't necessarily mean an intense gun battle, but it probably will be 30 days of clearing." It was also claimed 4000 British troops were taking part. It's now 1200 with 3000 in reserve. What is it about Labour and reserves? We can expect more untruths and smoke screens over the coming weeks. It was once said "Truth is the first casualty of war". With Labour it is the only casualty.


  1. With 12 civilian deaths so far, a typical Ainsworth success.

  2. More civilians ' liberated ' from this world and sent to the next.

  3. They don't know how to tell the truth anymore!

    You wait now, all the crap that's going to come from this assault. Compensation claims, claims of cruelty, rape and killing innocent afghani civilians.

  4. It's ok Frank Gardener is now on the ground to explain everything.( where's Kate Adie when you need her ?)
    The Taliban compounds ( Ed. they're peoples houses Frank. Eveyone lives in compounds in that part of the world) are being cleared of taliban ( Ed. There's no one there Frank they all left about 3 weeks ago)
    The allies have been successful( Ed. killed 12 civilians and lost more soldiers). The area is now under our control ( Ed. until we leave and the taliban come back like the last time and the time before that.)
    It's a great achievement for democracy ( Ed. Karzai is corrupt and the election was corrupt).
    Chief Jockstrap Stirrup has said it has all gone swimmingly ( Ed. Frank tell Jock that the new rocket launcher doesn't work and has been binned. Two rockets veered off by 300 yds).
    Back to the studio in London where Newsnight Review will slag off Britain with Kirsty Wark and some labour luvvies.

  5. Frankie Gardener said...

    I love it! Spot on and probably very true.

  6. This is supposed to be a major offensive. Yet apparently we have only 1200 soldiers actually in the field. Is this now as much as we can do? Is it more or less than the number of Taliban suporters in London?

  7. just one more push and we shall prevail15 February 2010 at 17:22


    I think Ironside should have stuck to making fictionous drama for the masses. Oh hang on he has.