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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Who Votes For People Like This?

Do You?

I used to see these expressions when I was eight years old. I was a choir boy.

Nick Brown, the Chief Whip, claimed £18,800, without receipts, in expenses for food over the course of four years, documents show. Plus, Nick Brown has survived a rent-boy scandal – because he claimed he did not pay for sex – he just gave the rent boy financial gifts.

Give me brown envelopes. Much less damaging and harmful. I have had whispers that our Nick and Jimmy have been regularly bailed out. How is that good for our Nation's security? You shit so called intelligence folk are utter scum. Worse than the cover ups you so enjoy.


  1. You've just made me sick!

  2. I can see most of our 19k bulging out of his shirt collar. I decided just prior to the 2005 elections that I'd never vote mainstream again. I never thought I'd be dreaming of skinning them alive and tossing them into incinerators.

  3. Browne's a bully of an enforcer in the Whip's Office. It has to be up to the individual to make sure they research their prospective MP's background before the GE - anything dodgy then don't vote for them. Likewise sitting MPs - investigate, investigate ;-)

  4. Were you on the old vino when you originally penned this last night OR? Noticed one or two little vocab edits ;-)

  5. CS, I was indeed! A rare event to be quite so ribined, as Mrs OR would say!