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Friday, 8 January 2010

Weather and Climate For All.

Not A Thesis But I'm Tempted.

The raging debate about Anthropogenic Global Warming (man's fouling of his own nest) was ignited by the dreadful scandal surrounding the CRU emails leaked from The University of East Anglia. These, in essence, exposed a typical Bilderberger conspiracy to brainwash human kind with the idea that we are all doomed if we don't subscribe to CO2 scams and huge taxation theft, to re-fill the depleted coffers of the world's greedy elite.

In the puerile defence of the AGW religion climate and weather are traded around as if they are some kind of Devil's spawn on the one hand and God's design for the future on the other. Let us be clear. They are both from the same egg. Twins separated only by size. Valleys, mountains, deserts, ice caps all have local "micro-climates" whereby physical features and sometimes animal influence, affects the local area. Dust storms, cyclones, arid water beds, stripped foliage and deforestation all offer evidence of localised affects on local CLIMATE.

Climate is all about scale. We can determine to study tropical climes or polar regions/climes. We can determine changes and in some cases show, without doubt, that pollution and the activities of man can badly affect a local area and the sustainability of those places. Indeed the local climate of a given place can make it totally inhospitable to humans.

So weather is very much part of climate and is dictated by the earth's orbit and orientation about the sun. This climatic fact is not capable of being influenced by man other than possibly nuclear or particle accident that might shatter the planet. In essence, weather is the immediate conditions affecting a given place at a given time. Seasonal solar changes are always capable of "events" but whether these events are warming or freezing trends cannot be regarded as climate change caused by AGW. The very idea, pronounced by Ed Gromit, that the science is settled is ludicrous and ignorant. The whole argument for AGW is pure hubris and arrogance. The really big joke is that from this nonsense billions are being poured into the Mittal coffers and others, from trading in CO2 credits! An artificial global ponzi scam selling something less credible than snake oil.

Sadly few politicians grasp this farcical fact. Instead they are loading a guilt trip on us on behalf of their wealth and power in order to not only tax us all, third world in particular, to oblivion but make us bloody miserable at the same time. Trust me, if we all got on with the spirit this very cold winter is engendering and had a Government that was up to the job of being prepared for such an eventuality we would be a lot happier.

So to sum up. Weather is the local manifestation of latitudinal climate influenced by the sun. The sun is cooling but still producing energy on a grand scale. Consider these FACTS and then see AGW for the crap it is.

The Sun is the source of most of the energy on Earth--the power source for plants, the cause of flows of atmosphere and of water, the source of the warmth which makes life possible. None would exist without it. At the Earth's orbit, neglecting absorption by the atmosphere, each square meter of area facing the Sun receives about 1380 joules per second (nearly 2 horsepower). That quantity is known as the solar constant and sensors aboard NASA's satellites over the 1979-99 interval suggest it varied by only about 0.2% (see graphs in Nature, vol 401, p. 841, 28 October 1999)

the "nuclear fusion" process which still takes place inside the Sun. Different nuclear reactions may predominate at different stages of the Sun's existence, including the proton-proton reaction and the carbon-nitrogen cycle which involves heavier nuclei, but whose final product is still the combination of protons to form helium.

Now that is settled science, Gromit Chops!

The vociferous and bullying, hectoring tone of The AGW lobby is very good evidence of the weakness of their case. A plague on all their houses.


  1. Very good points, OR. But there is one that I would disagree with. There is NO settled science. Science is always subject to revision: indeed in the example you give of processes in the centre of the Sun, the xurrent 'explanation' for the solar neutrino problem is far from satisfactory as it depends on an as yet unproven properties of neutrinos, that they 'oscillate'.

    That merely reinforces your main point, though. Nothing is settled, therefore AGW 'science' is not settled.

  2. Thank you, Edgar. In settled with regard to the sun, I meant as we know it. Evolution of all matter is never settled, as you rightly say. Except maybe the evolution of political elites with regard to their pompous arrogance and pathetic abuse of power.

  3. Here's another example of how the Warble Gloaming movement are doing more harm than good:

    "Beware of Geeks bearing GIF's" linked this in his comment at Obo's.

  4. "The vociferous and bullying, hectoring tone of The AGW lobby is very good evidence of the weakness of their case. A plague on all their houses"

    That and their poxy 'solutions', which mostly come down to you and me handing over our money to cretins like Brown and Miliband.

  5. That and their poxy 'solutions', which mostly come down to you and me handing over our money to cretins like Brown and Miliband.

    Ain't that the truth?

  6. OR, great post. What amazes me is how few comments you get. Still, the blogging world is huge.

  7. fifth column said...

    I've rarely had my comments posted. I always thought it was OR's censorship.

  8. Aye, rubbish indeed, anon me old mucker.

    Straight as a gun barrel is OR.

  9. Well there is lots of settled science surely?

    If we tip some sulphuric acid into caustic soda we know what's going to happen.

    If you smoke cigarettes you will shorten your life.

    If you burn carbon compounds you will generate CO2.

    If you destroy plant life you will absorb less CO2.

    Increasing concentrations of compounds such as CO2, H2O and CH4 in the atmosphere will increase temperature.