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Monday, 25 January 2010

We Were Warned!!

I Shall Pray For All Those Misguided Souls
Who Failed To Pay Attention.

From Hansa, 1996.

Mr. Mackinlay: Will the hon. Gentleman give way?
Mr. Greenway: No, I will not.
23 Oct 1996 :
The Labour council did not take appropriate care. Even when the situation was drawn to its attention, it was not prepared to address the problem properly.
I must declare my great support for the stalking legislation. My constituent, Frances Lawrence, has been stalked, which has been very distressing for her and her friends. I hope and believe that that Bill will stop such distress, for her and others. I welcome the Home Secretary's decision to establish a good citizenship award in the name of Philip Lawrence. That is a fine and fitting memorial to someone who, as a judge at the Old Bailey said last week, was a good man. I cannot say how much those words helped me and Frances and all those who were connected with him.
It was disgraceful that the Leader of the Opposition could not address the question of expenditure on the national health service by the last Labour Government. By today's figures, the last Labour Government spent£23 billion on the NHS, while we spend £39 billion. That speaks for itself. One of the reasons why the speech was so poor is that the right hon. Gentleman went all over the shop in order to avoid answering the question whether any Labour Government, should we have one--God help us--would increase expenditure on the NHS. He could not say, and would not say. We know very well that they would not.
I first met the now hon. Member for Blackburn(Mr. Straw) in 1968. It was a pleasure to meet him, and it has been a pleasure to know him since then. We met at a meeting of students who were concerned at huge cuts in the NHS by the Labour Government of the time. Jack was the president of the National Union of Students and was speaking at the meeting. The then Labour Member for Rugby was seeking to defend the Government, who were in an impossible situation. They were running down expenditure on the NHS and reducing the number of doctors, nurses and so on.
That is the record of the Labour party in office, and it is no good pretending that that record does not exist. The Labour party today likes to pretend that it has no history. It tries to pretend that it does not have a disgraceful record in local and national Government of letting down the people of this country by hiking up their taxes and wasting their efforts to produce wealth. People both inside and outside the House should start thinking about that.
I can give a serious and modern example of the damage caused by the Labour party in power. A few weeks ago, I was sad to have to say goodbye to the last worker at Lyons Tetley in Greenford in my constituency. The factory was closed and about 2,500 jobs were lost. They were lost because of the actions of Ealing's Labour council, which hoisted up the rates--[Interruption.] Oh, yes. In 1987, rates went up by 57 per cent. and 65 per cent., which meant an increase in the price of everything produced by Lyons Tetley, including Ready Brek, coffee and so on. The local people had all had their rates put up, so they had less money with which to buy more expensive goods. They had a double whammy from Labour.
Over the years, that has meant that the production costs of Lyons Tetley at Greenford have been greater than those in Lyons Tetley factories in other parts of the country. As a result, production has been transferred to places such as Cleveland, where production costs are lower. That is what happens. That loss of jobs is due directly to a Labour administration on Ealing council.


As I prep this blog, Snotty is posturing on a podium. Guess his theme? Spend, spend, spend!!! Plus, a Labour Party Political broadcast at our expense!!!


  1. That shirt looks like one I sent to the ass last year!

  2. Even Alastair Darling knows it has all gone too far: he has warned Councils against huge Council Tax rises. Trouble is, the damage is done. The public sector salaries and pensions bill is so high that taxes will rise but services will be cut.

    So, is there any clear message there about the provision of local services by public authorities? I think so.

  3. Loading council tax, Edgar, has been a weapon against Tory Councils for some years. Don't forget this dreadful re-valuation (wealth redistribution tax) is due soon. Note how very quiet the Tories are on this latest scam!