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Monday, 4 January 2010

Reincarnation Proved?

Looks Like It To Me.

"Adolf Hitler’s physicians think at the end of the war that constant medication over the years may have upset the physiological balance of his body."

"After testy exchanges on the economy with Marr, Mr Brown attempted to storm off the set, was told to sit still and then refused to make eye contact with the presenter."

Labour are floundering about but my biggest puzzle is why do not the opposition parties dedicate their attention to Labours' record. For example;

Illegal Iraq war.
Blair's oil wealth interests;
Brown's brother's EDF position;
Incompetent war strategy in Afghanistan and soldiers' deaths.
Immigration failures and extremist UK activities;
All of which has and continues to go on whilst pissing billions up the wall in debt interest payments.

Labour deserve to be hung drawn and quartered big time. Still, one ray of hope is that the madman is doing a pretty good job of sabotage all by himself.

One last thing, where's all this heatwave coming from? This climate change is just amazing!


  1. Regrettably, OR, I think there is a very simple answer to your question.

    The other main parties do not hold Labour to account over those things because they do not have any plans for radical change to the filthy, corrupt system.

    They will apparently argue over how much public money will be spent on reviewing the investigation of the report on the survey into opinions on raising the inheritance tax threshold, but debating anything of substance and importance? It is, as they say, simply not going to happen.

  2. I hope you are wrong Edgar. Whatever, I still believe a trouncing of Labour would be a warning to the others.

  3. EDF? The company which has such imaginative ways of extracting money from its customers? Who would have thought it?

  4. Edgar you are spot remember the great hopes when Blair was elected look how that turned out.
    After the next election New Party same government, matter not anyway the EU are in charge.

  5. Unfortunately, I agree with Edgar. The Cons have been worse than useless in opposition and it will be more of the same if they win the GE. Anyone for a hung parliament?

  6. GV, I'm with Edgar too but we must get rid of Labour and then go after the rest if they don't wake up. Just imagine if Labour were reduced to 50 seats. Don't tell me that wouldn't make our politicians as nervous of the people as The French are.

  7. As Edgar says, could it be because the Conservatives have roughly the same policies? Not something they want to draw attention to.

  8. It's a nice thought OR - I'm floating for the 1st time ever - if we get it wrong it will be another five yrs of 'same destination, different path'.

  9. Fausty, GV; our politicos all Bilderbergers together? Stranger things happen. It gets ever more difficult to see a gap between red and blue.