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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Nothing is ever as it seems............

Labour Are Addicted To Lies and Spin.

Just stop and consider the barrage of "good news" pouring forth. Unemployment down, crime abolished, immigration sorted, Afghanistan hidden, December borrowing less than expected. Then look long and hard at Labours' record of deceit.
Borrowing down yet November was massive. Why? Borrow a bit extra in November for use in December, ergo, claim things are getting better. Nobody will notice, not even the so called experts.
Now Skipton Building Society has broken ranks to whack an almighty 1.95% onto mortgage interest SVR. Many will soon follow but it looks as if it's their fault. The reality is it is the unfair subsidy those same mortgagees pay in taxes which bailed out Bankers now getting huge bonuses. Madness. Another sleight of hand from Labour. You can bet when BoE rates rocket these same Companies will keep the gap they are now producing.
Crime and burglary said to be down. Based on figures massaged by tame officials of course. We are also soon to be told we are out of recession. I assume that will be the Bankers and their Government pals, from our money.
As for security, well that story of budget cuts is a bit rich when we are supposed to be keeping our streets safe. Tell you politicians what, bring our troops out of Afghanistan, that will save billions in dosh let alone lives and the maiming of young folk.
So, my few but merry band of readers, just remember this. With Labour it's never Ronseal!


  1. Son-in-Law is Chief Insp in Old Bill.

    Has found himself in trouble for refusing to massage crime figures.

    Should be an interesting discipline case.

  2. How many of the alleged 7000 less unemployed are back at university studying for Masters and PhD degrees or, as reported last night, taking a gap year working their way round the world as there are few jobs for new graduates?

    The NHS report yesterday from the Nuffield praising the NHS, especially in England but not in Scotland, is using data which is three years old and allegedly comparing superficial clinical issues to silly Labour sound-bite targets.

  3. They cannot even lie well.

    How on earth can 30% of the public still intend to vote for this shower of utter incompetents ?

  4. Pete, I'm certain pollsters are in for an embarrassing kicking come election.
    Clarinda, you always put my case better than I! Killem, what a scoop. I hope son-in-law stays away from woods and penknives though.

  5. Continuing on from Clarinda's post on the NHS in Scotland, the Nuffield Trust now state they made an error in the Scottish figures and overstated the number of doctors by 27%. Wonder how many more there are in it.

  6. That's a big overstatement. We just cannot trust Government with data of any kind. That's after £26 BILLION up the wall on computers! That's almost 17% OF THEIR CURRENT BORROWING. Now add The NHS waste, defense procurement and social services into the mix. Then season with ground up powder from Blinky's testes (education)and then tell me how good Labour are.