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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Labours' Evil heart.

As Chilcot Gets Ever More Exciting......................

A letter published by Hutton, written to Phony by Campbell said;
“I chaired a weekly strategy group on Iraq comprised of senior officials from No, l0, FCO, MOD, DIFD, J1C, SIS, DIS, C)C. This would discuss and review forward strategy. As you know, we continue to meet, though not every week . I also chaired the regular morning meeting of key departments to help take the strategy forward on a day to day basis .”
This is a man, unelected and with only his relationship with Blair to commend (sic) him to an incredibly powerful role in the affairs and wars on this so called Government. I bemoaned as a younger person the power of The Civil Service. They, however, had experiences, excellence and history on their side and impartiality was a golden rule. Labour were only jealous and envious of this great and powerful machine. They set about humiliating it and dismantling it. There were a lot of babies washed away in some very murky bath water by the evil of labours' intent. We all know the subsequent state our Nation has become. Everyone is bribed, blackmailed or bullied. Lord Goldsmith one of these casualties.
We Are The Rest!


  1. Labour, tossers of the highest order. Just read Guido's extract from Campbell's novel to see the absolute rubbish running politics today.

  2. A slick, well-rehearsed performance so far from Goldsmith.

    Yes OR, I remember Campbell Campbell mentioning that and nobody picked him up on it. A journalist chairing a highly sensitive strategy group?

    Don't bother reading his writings. The reading of his first book was more of a feat of stamina on my behalf than anything which could be described as enjoyment. Tedious, exceptionally weak plot and even weaker ending.

  3. "Tedious, exceptionally weak plot and even weaker ending."

    How veryLabour!

  4. Dear, Sweet Lord,

    I haven't asked for much over the last 50 - odd years, but if I may ask for one little favour in this life.

    Once the Chilcott enquiry is complete, and the file is passed to The Hague, may I be appointed as Her Majesty's Executioner?

    To despatch Blair, Brown, Straw, Hoon, Campbell and hundreds of other NuLabour war criminals into oblivion would be a great honour.

    If only.......

  5. His performance was less than inspiring by the time the afternoon session had finished, OR, sadly lacking in any courage whatsoever.

  6. Off topic, but that's a most poignant banner image you've added there OR. Reminds me of many other workers' paradises from around the globe (I was in the recovering Czech Republic, for a bit).

    I haven't read Campbell's book/s. Anything from him is well beneath what I'd consider emergency arse wiping material. Apart from his death certificate, possibly.

  7. Great comments, thank you all!

  8. You need to 'shop out the Daff. It's a bit early for St David.

  9. Nothing's too early for hanging, Ollie!