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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Jimmy Regrets Chilcot Gaff!

James Gordon Brown Mentally

Cleared Fit To Stand


It had become a recurring dream. Having offered himself up to Chilcot, as a weak attempt to stave of yet more cries of "bottler", each session and nap in his bunker produced this image. It started when he had looked at pictures from The Nuremberg trials and dreamt of seeing Phony in the dock. Now he was terrified his parsimony would be said to make him just as guilty for the deaths of hundreds of British troops. That hoon of a hoon Hoon had started this anguish. Then this kind of stuff appeared,, on his desk from some joker, probably Banana man.

No, this dream haunted him ever more strongly the higher his happy pill doses got. Now, the moment he slumped forward on Dobbin to sleep in his beloved position, this dream appeared. He just couldn't decide what was the most grotesque part of it. He felt he looked so handsome yet something was not quite as it should be. The guards look very severe, whilst the nurse in the background chilled him to the bone. Yet try as he might the dream, nay nightmare, of joining Phony in the dock would not go away. One thing he did know, whatever the charge, from the wanton scorched earth destruction of The British Nation to the blood stained bodies blown to smithereens in Iraq and Afghanistan, any jury would find him guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. Suddenly more terrible and recent matters swam into his mind. Saddam's execution looked ever more horrible. This was now a frightening prospect and might he find himself in the dock at........................

The Edinburgh Trials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh how I wish this would come true! Mind you Bliar alongside would really be the icing on the cake. Still made my morning, though.

  2. Oh! oddrightie whats your take on BA asking workers to scab on their mates???????.

    Although no doubt if you was still Shirking you would first one out of the traps.
    Betraying your work mates and licking the bosses boots yes sir no sir of course sir Lick ! lick !

    Oh here comes the Germans quick best surrender 'Heil kammeradd dont shoot I will tell you everything'

  3. "Oh! oddrightie whats your take on BA asking workers to scab on their mates???????."

    What's your take on the hundreds who've signed up?

  4. Poor old Gordon. Just before an election, too.

  5. Who is the one in the white at the back? Could it be Mandy in drag?

  6. I doubt it,Demetrius, he might be next up in the dock!

  7. BA Cabin crew? I doubt it with that level of debate.