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Monday, 18 January 2010

Is This An End Game?

It's About Power.

"Suspected Taliban militants have launched an attack in the Afghan capital Kabul, setting off explosions and sparking a gun battle."

The picture is of a Vietnam battle. It could be from Kabul today. There is little doubt that the corruption of the foreign powers in bribing The Taliban and buying protection for contractors has ruined the "hearts and minds" weak and ineffectual policy. The Taliban have lapped it up. They control this land because it is theirs. The Afghan people automatically lean towards the home grown dictatorship rather than the foreign. As in Vietnam, the fading Western morality is not able to withstand a greater discipline, just as in Vietnam. Our Bilderbergers fail dismally to understand the fundamental human condition of fairness and seek power through violent aggression in trade and financial globalisation with a belief military power can back it up.

Wrong in every way. Bring our soldiers home and save their lives and our morals.


  1. It is just going to get worse.

  2. We need to leave and let Iraq's and Afghani's sort themselves out. Why do politicians feel it necessary to poke their noses in other nations affairs?

    A large majority of Afghans clearly can't be bothered to fight for their own country (many of them are in the UK and waiting at Calais to come over).

    If the people themselves haven't the will to help the allies, we should pull out and let them sort it out themselves!

  3. OR could you put a search facility on here please. I'm directing someone here to read your posts which mention Rothschilds but he'd have to trail through the lot.

    The latest news is that Gordon's going to rebuild Hiati. I've turned the TV off.

  4. Subrosa, The best way is to follow the labels. Corruption of power, The Maxim Gun syndrome plus Bring our soldiers home should help. Corruption of Power, August, 2009 was much of the "spade" work stuff.
    I will seek out a search facility, too.