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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Is It Just Me?

Post War Britain.

I well remember growing up in the late 40s and 50s. From a poor background there was little doubt things started to improve. Especially under Tory rule. However I now look around and wonder what the f*ck happened. I was always nervous of things which, in retrospect, was early brainwashing. Or to give it it's modern title, public relations. One thing that sticks out was/is the claim that returning troops and The British workers in general, were no longer prepared to do menial jobs. This lie is not borne out by the stubborn refusal of coal workers to surrender jobs to immigrants. Now if I look at my life I observe keenly that overcrowding and over population within a country, or the planet generally, leads to the deterioration of individual freedoms and quality of life.

For example a favourite theme of mine is that MASS immigration has led to the denial of genuine refugees being able to be accommodated. The Gurkha difficulties announced today and Iraqi interpreter refusals are a good illustration of this.

I then turn my attention to the political classes. They may, in a few rare instances, set out to be Councillors, MPs and so forth, with good intentions. However the constant resurfacing of the road to hell bares witness to how rapidly they fall. I suspect the seduction of politicians begins in the hushed corridors of the senior Sir Humphreys. Maggie Thatcher, Blair and Brown think they secure control when really the Civil Servants are so practised in the art of the long game, they always triumph. Thus the creation of a monolithic EU State is better suited to their agenda than any representative of the peoples'. Money and power are harnessed quietly and most subtlety to easily corrupt politicians into a stupid torpor of heady egotism. Therefore Labour make us bankrupt under the watchful and smirking gaze of Sir Humphrey. The Conservatives are courted for the sublime entertainment of privilege beloved of power brokers.

We get quangos galore, like the stupid Supermarket idea from The Tories, today. We get not just a Denis Howell rain minister but a bloody gigantic new Climate/Environment Ministry. This fronted by a buffoon cartoon Gromit.

So the brainwashing goes on. "We MUST be part of an EUSSR", "Anthropogenic Global Warming exists because it is a billion pound industry and a cracking source of tax raising and bureaucratic growth and we've bribed the scientists", "Mass immigration is wonderful for us all and keeps the indigenous work force idle, lazy and malleable as part of the client state benefits for votes scam". Any objections are batted lazily away with "We know all the secrets and lies and they keep us, the ruling elite, cosy, smug and safe". One little problem, not foreseen, however, is The Internet. That little drunk's arse, Rod Liddle opined last Sunday that blogs are all about the "little" people all wanting their say. Arrogant, little, adulterated and adultering piece of excrement. Like all lefties, they sing very loudly how "They've got the foreman's job at last".

So hopefully the message will get out. Do not vote for any of the three main parties. Yes we need change but can anyone honestly see the real needs of the nation under Cameron? I close with a list of populist, common sense wants.

Heinous crimes punishable by death.

Human rights to be earnt, not guaranteed act.

A reduction in the world's and The UK's population as the sole aim of planetary improvement.

An end to the globalisation of war for financial and power based ends.

An end to summits and New World Order waste and vainglorious shite.

An International army of workers to lift the poor into a better life rather than the bombing and murdering beloved of the Bilderberger crowd.

An end to the demonisation of all cultures by all sides.

An end to superstates.

Now do you you know of any organisation, political movement or politician capable of any of that? There used to be, not any more.

I doubt few made it this far but if you did, wrap up warm and be safe. Climate change happens daily!


  1. Aye OR such changes in our lifetime. We've seen politicians who had strength of character and intelligence combined with a good dose of common sense. We're in a position to criticise because we can compare.

    Do I see anyone in politics with the strength or will to pull this country back to a place of pride? The only person who springs to mind is Martin Bell, although if David Davies and William Haig were given a longer rope they could well do something slightly spectacular.

  2. There are plenty of people out there who would meet your criteria - but wouldn't now touch our UK parliamentary system and its turgid processes with an elongated barge-pole. Whether Westminster will implode on its own without external touch-papers being politically inserted - I doubt it. Is there an opportunity for some savvy independent thinkers to provide a fresh start in England - it's taken us in Scotland over 300 years but we're nearly there - not perfect but a start!