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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Gordon Brown: Middle class to be our election battleground?

Why I Hate Labour.

The soldiers are the 248th and 249th British military personnel to die in Afghanistan since 2001. They were killed by an improvised explosive device, the MoD said.

Everything Labour touches goes sour. That includes your life and mine, let alone the families, kids and horrifically maimed. For God's sake be rid of this self interested and mendacious scum. How anyone supports this mess is beyond me. The Left, all they want is control and dogma. Shame on you pathetic communists.


  1. It's about time for pictures like this are circulated OR. The public don't really see the true effect of this war 'because the scenes may be disturbing'.

    They ought to be disturbing - make people realise what the soldiers feel like seeing their own limbs, or those of their colleagues, lying yards away from them.

  2. Exactly, Subrosa. The propaganda control is as horrific as that which is kept hidden.

  3. This government has appalled me since Bliar & way back in the day when Reid claimed,'we would be perfectly happy to leave in three years and without firing one shot...'
    They cared more about the welfare of some sex case drug smuggler in China,than our troops.

  4. What gets me is that the labour people are talking about their strategy for the election, leadership issues etc etc. and the brazen assumption is that a new Labour government would be good for the country. In fact it does not need to be said. There is a complete failure to even acknowledge what a catastrophe they have been.
    And I honestly think that they do not appreciate it.
    This is what I wrote a few days ago - I am still spluttering as I thinks about it

    But as I splutter into my late night cup of cocoa I have to say something about the Newsnight discussion I have just caught where Jeremy Paxman umpired a discussion of Labour election tactics between Roy Hattersley and John Prescott. They talked of aspiration, their core voters, fairness, values, the Blair coalition and the horrid Tories who would happily destroy everything they could get their hands on. Not once was there any acknowledgement of the damage they have inflicted on the country. And honestly I don't believe they even see it. These people are so dangerous.

    It is like hearing a paedophile justifying what they do by saying that actually the children like it. I know I exaggerate but I want to use a metaphor that is truly shocking - to express something of the real rage I feel at this moment as I contemplate these degenerates who, even as they are destroying this country, present as having no idea that they are.

  5. I HATE THEM TOO! Labour are the reason I left the UK! I would even vote BNP before I vote Labour (that's how much I hate them).

    I hate them with a deep, profound passion and I would dearly love to see Bliar, Brown, Balls et al go to prison for crimes against the people and pay for bankrupting and destroying our once Great Britain!

  6. It's all about controlling the media. The British public have been kept in the dark about Global Warming, the real state of the economy, the reasons for Iraq, and so on.

    The only hope is for some top class hackers to take over the Beeb, ITV, CH4, and Sky simultaneously ("V" for Vendetta style) to get through to the masses, stuffing their faces in front of the telly....

  7. lABOUR TILL I DIE18 January 2010 at 12:58

    Me I luw Old Labour New Labour as long as its Labour.
    and I can vote for it over and over again.


  8. lABOUR TILL I DIE said...

    Beautifully crafted in the style of Labours' education desires for a pliant electorate!