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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Five Minutes Was Enough.

Gordon Brown, He's Back In Town!

I was most fortunate to be late for Big Ears' New Year love in with what can only be described as as the biggest insult to female genetalia ever spawned by the essence of man. He giggled, he sang his own praises and wallowed in a smugfest of self delusion. I tell anyone who may just pass by my little blog, do not get hooked on the same medication as this gigantic prat.
Once upon a time Government expenditure was "investment". That is, at the end of this splurge of someone Else's' dosh, there is something to show for it. Superb road and rail links, brilliant graduates from superb universities, higher gold reserves and the best pensions in the world.
Now, if you have got this far, the new mantra is debt is damned good. More debt with Labour for more and more spending, or is that still investment. I will give you more boom and will in a stroke, once more abolish bust. Those pills are bloody powerful
So, what's left of The UK's voting population, you have a choice. BIG debt or small Government. A no brainer for those with a brain to say no! Whatever the future holds, with this purse like, sow's ear at the helm we really are condemned to a BIG choice. What is that choice? "How much more manure can we shovel down peoples' throats before they gag on it." Those five minutes I watched were excruciating except for one thing. No sane person watching would vote for that shell of a man or a party that has inflicted him/it on our Country.


  1. Virtually eaxctly what went through my mind, OR!

  2. I couldn't watch it all, not even on IPlayer. He is an embarrassment to Scotland, insisting the tories are toffs is just about the final straw for me.

    A post about that will be coming to a blog near you shortly.

  3. It was absolutely pathetic. I posted the vids on my blog so masochists could take a look - you need a strong stomach though.

  4. With the reported "love bombing" that is going on with the odious Brown and 'Call me Dave' towards the Liberals - could it be possible that we end up with Prime Minister Clegg and Deputy Dawg Vince?

  5. I don't know how he can sit there and talk such utter rubbish, OR, his lies are an insult to the intelligence of anyone who has the brains to question what he says.

    I couldn't watch more than five minutes of him either!

  6. Clarinda, this is exactly the talk before 2005. In that election The Tories did very, very well. If repeated, LibDums and Labour will be toast.