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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Exeter In The Snow?

Cabinet To Meet In Exeter This Coming Friday The 12th Of January, 2010

Yesterday, in Parliament, in response to a question from John Redwood, this Gromit without the personality, Mega-Twat said petulantly that The AGW science is settled! Meanwhile in a back office paid for by you and me, these cretins plan a Party Political jaunt to Exeter on Friday for a Cabinet Meeting of all the pathetic, piss pant stained morons that pass for a Government. Have they looked out of the window! Do they understand the Climate scandals raging round the globe? The growing evidence that all of their pathetic, small minded arrogance is now common knowledge as real science pooh poohs the CO2 nonsense. These utter fools are making 20 year plans to continue the destruction of Western and other countries economies whilst totally ignoring the one single issue that is fouling our planet nest. TOO MANY PEOPLE. Certainly too many of this minuscule calibre led by a snot munching druggy and maniac.
Our Gromit is tipped to be the next Labour front man. You know, on Oldrightie's scale of idiotic and hateful he will be well ahead of the other hoons, by a long way. Right up there with our lovely, cuddly Gordon Snot.
I despair of Cameron and The Tories but they really don't need to do much. Save the money on an expensive campaign, Dave, Labour are doing a fabulous job of losing and falling to less than 100 seats. I predicted this harsh spell of weather and I predict a massacre for Labour on their crass inability to run anything.

Check out Sam Coates take on Labours' use of our money for Party Political ends.

I'm off to dig out my home, if I can. Buried in Global warming.


  1. I bet there's one hoon not invited on this jaunt, OR!

  2. Probably very few people will vote Labour unless they are on the public payroll one way or another. However, that accounts for a relatively large portion of the electorate. Also, they don't need to rely on accurate counting. They may be planning to extend to the rest of the country their Scottish tricks with disappearing electoral registers, floods of lately accquired postal votes, ballot boxes left overnight under lax supervision etc etc.
    See the recent post on The Tap blog:
    Why is Brown so cheerful when he is irretrieveably far behind in the opinion polls? His media supporters are preparing the way with a 'hung parliament' script. The police and judiciary are under Labour's control. The army is out of the country. There's no one to honestly investigate electoral irregularities. He has enough street thugs to intimidate public protest. How big a majority dare he go for?

  3. Odin, I fully agree with the scary scenario you paint. I'm at a loss why The Opposition parties seem so complacent on this.

  4. Why don't they take a trip up to the moors to look into climate change? With luck they will be snowed in for six months.

  5. I hope ony two months, Demetrius!

  6. That photograph of Miliband junior showing his gritted teeth is just perfect. It illustrates the anguish he must be feeling as his world disintegrates around him. His response to John Redwood's question yesterday is a perfect illustration of how desperate he is becoming that the Warmist con artists have lost. Real science has won out again as it always will.

  7. Animal Magic, my sort of mate!

  8. I totally agree that Population is the real problem and nobody seems to want to mention ways to control and reduce it. What I find ridiculous is ministers banging on about coping with a rising population(Hilary Benn for example) when they are responsible for it, in our case, for allowing massive immigration levels. Bastards!!!

  9. No, gentlefolk, I cannot allow this challenge to the 'consensus' to go unchallenged. Global warming has caused me to fall on my arse twice this week so far. I take that very seriously indeed. Also it is now minus fifteen in my crotch. Now that I take particularly seriously. The missus aint too happy neiver.