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Friday, 22 January 2010

Don't You Know There's A War On?

Stock Markets Hammered.

The above link is a Peston report on Saint Obama's mad tirade against The Banks. Now this is the guy who cosied up to our very own Snotty just a few short months ago when the pass the parcel (debt) game ran out of chairs. (Think about it). We now face the biggest stable door closing effort in human history as the herd disappears over the horizon. This pair of muppets presided over Bilderberger bail outs when the opportunity to curb and reduce the power banks held over The World was at its most favourable. If these two Governments had bailed out its citizens, as some did, rather than their mates, this scary scenario would have been avoided.
Of course the real war is between Socialism and Capitalism. A war which is unwinnable for either side. Socialism stinks and Capitalism is too entrenched in a Bilderberger Empire. My solution? It's still possible to return tax payers money to tax payers. Let major banks fail and let personal debt be written off. It would still amount to a much smaller sum than is demanded by the major banking houses. It would hurt only if people then wasted their windfalls. Some would, many wouldn't. New, small credit clubs/mutuals, with a local base, would arise out of necessity. Hey, small government, small banking. That would be nice. Globalisation? Stuff it, it stinks of an unwanted New World Order.


  1. OR fixed the widget, sorry about that!

  2. Wonderful caption OR.

    Did you know Brown is going to the Iraq Inquiry before the election? So says the Scotsman.

  3. I'm waiting for my bank to fail so they might write off the mortgage balance and let me keep the house for free. It's a dream, doubt it would happen that easily, but like your idea.

  4. Thanks, Ollie! Subrosa, could be fascinating how Jimmy spins his parsimony for war over several hours. The rumour is his meds are good for max 4 hours of Public utterance. Anon, a solution similar to your dream was done in Australia and I think Canada. The "little" people had their debts reduced, not the fat cat Bilderbergers! Worked a treat, some spent, some saved and EVERYONE benefited.

  5. Oldrightie for PM - there's the solution.

  6. Obama said that the taxpayers will never again be held to ransom by banks who are too big to fail.
    Yet the majority of taxpayers wanted the banks to be allowed to fail and certainly didn't want them bailed out.
    Deposits and mortgage arrangements could have been preserved and the casino investors could have been allowed to fend for themselves. This has worked in other countries such as New Zealand. It's messy but it is cheaper than underwriting £2trillion debt ( at £200Bn per annum ). Plus of course the unknown debts when all the CDS and other weird and wonderful transactions begin to de-leverage.
    And of course the money that's gone into the banks is being used to fund foreign takeovers of British companies ( cadburys etc) rather than given to British companies for investment as promised.

  7. Clarinda, I'm not good enough, mind you anything other than Jimmy! Women make the best accountants, anyway. Jabba, spot on and thanks for popping in.