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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Did You Have Your Doubts, Socialists?

Then Discover Your Utopia Of Dogma.

Britain falls to 25th best place to live in the world... behind Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Whilst our political classes squabble endlessly, continue to camouflage their expenses by diluting the whole scandal, the Iraq enquiry is non-reported, freezing conditions blast the global warming rubbish for taxation of the world, to smithereens, we get acres of MSM coverage from The Westminster cosy village of privilege on a pathetic bit of cowardice and weakness. Note the absence of the Afghanistan conflict in the media, too. In the mean time a coward with all the typical nastiness of a bully thumps the table and screams exactly as in the "Downfall" spoofs. This creature from the middle-class Manse is allowed to stay as a discredited and pathetic PM regardless of the damage to our Nation. Any socialist and Labour twat who thinks our colossal deficit will not make the poor even poorer is as deluded as the smug world of inner London Bilderberger lounges. Sickening and despicable failure of everything we once held dear. A plague on all their houses. Something must and will give. Only an immediate election can spare us and only then if that ballot is also not fraudulently as fiddled as The Republican Bush victory was.
One last chance to wrestle power back to the people. I am not hopeful.


  1. The mess we are now in contrasts vividly with Germany and France where quality of life is far superior and very much less crowded.

  2. The UN ranks a country's educational achievements by combining adult literacy rates along with enrolment in primary, secondary and university institutions. The highest possible ranking is 1. While Norway, Finland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland all have a score of 0.99 or 0.98, the United Kingdom only receives 0.95.

    So what, says Ed Balls.

  3. The Uk received 0.95? Now that surprises me. I would have thought it much lower.

    Such destruction to a country and all in the name of socialism.

  4. I used to live in London. Over the last 40 years I have gradually moved away because of the influx of foreigners who in the main live like pigs. The indigenous Londoners now seem just the same. I am happy that I am 76, this means that I have not too much longer to put up with it. The breakdown of the infrastructure of my town is happening, but luckily, not too quickly.

  5. Pitty the poor multitudes then that flock to live here at the moment - actually when they discover how bad things are they may all just bugger off again.

  6. Brigham, we must continue pointing out to our so called leaders. JPT, they might bugger off with a few more AGW winters like this!