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Friday, 29 January 2010

The Afghan People.

Bribery and Corruption, Jimmy Brown's Fingerprints!

For centuries these people have fought with passion, honour and immense bravery. Sacrifice is in their DNA. Suicide bombers are easily recruited to their cause. Now I would not wish to live in their society but I bloody well respect it. If the feminine cause is so important, diplomacy is the way to discuss, not bombs, bullets and invasion.

As for "The war on terror". We couldn't even and still fail, to track down Bin Laden. Pakistan is on a knife edge and India quietly smug that the Afghan war keeps them focused on the opposite borders. What is our latest solution? Money. Who on this earth dreamt up such a mad idea. It is an insult to us and to The Taliban to think that they are as easily corrupted as Jimmy and his crowd. They might well take money but it won't be for anything more than to top up their arsenals. I just cannot believe sane supposedly adult people could come up with this rubbish. It does rather smack of what we have so come to despise in Labour.

Stupidity and arrogance is THEIR DNA.


  1. Any Taliban fighter agreeing to accept a bribe can kiss goodbye to family life, or life at all.

  2. When I came in last night I was browsing the news and came across a German political site which, like us, tore this to pieces. Just can't find it again because it wasn't one of my regular reads.

    The person who wrote the article said (I'm paraphrasing) this madness would have millions of Afghans dependent on handouts but what would happen to the stability of the world when the handouts stopped. Sometimes the German language is far less subtle than English and in this case it was appropriate.

  3. I thought we were already covertly handing over money for access and safe passage in many places as well as whatever we've forked out to replace or initiate infrastructure and other facilities. Already I gather money changes hands during so-called military-tribal meetings and local treaties etc......and we're still no further forward and the deaths continue.

    So let me get this straight, we freeze the assets of UK terrorists and hand money over to those elsewhere?

    I agree with what you say about the Afghan peoples - it goes for many others in Pakistan too - but is money really the key to settle this terrible hornets nest we provoked? Wasn't it the West's pursuit of money - sorry oil - that started much of this in the first place? Why not set up the Afghan infrastructure to profit from their remarkable natural resources (not opium) wouldn't that be an answer but of course that wouldn't suit the Bilderbergers.

  4. Clarinda, you know of my last summer's research on all this which led me to accept the Bilderberger theory. The Bilderbergers have failed to suppress the Taliban militarily. PUBLICLY throwing money at the issue is Snotty's mad plan to gain membership for himself.

  5. The Romans tried giving a lot of their gold to Attila The Hun. It did not work.

  6. It worked for Atilla, Demetrius!

  7. they really should stop trying to build Walton-on-the-naze or Main Street USA.

    Any solution will have to be based on Islam and not on western democratic models.

    Most Islamic society's would reject the Taliban and live in a peaceful coexistence with the west.
    The same could be said about Afghanistan if the west were to accept Islam can resolve the issue of how to bring peace to Afghanistan.

  8. It's always the same with Labour, OR, Minibrain "suggested" this approach several months ago to soften us up for when they actually do start buying them off!

    No prizes for guessing what they will use the money for!!

    You can read these morons and surrender monkeys like a book - besides, no-one in their right mind invades Afghanistan - the Afghans ALWAYS win!

    Labour TWATS!

  9. Danegeld.......
    We should never, ever have been there in the first place...but our current ruling elite don't do History.

  10. They don't "do" anything well.