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Friday, 11 December 2009

Was This Another EU Deal?

The Love That dare Not Speak It's Name?

These pair of star struck (political) lovers are busy rushing to divest what semblance is left of The UK before The Federal runaway train might get switched at an election set of points. Baroness Three Furlongs (Ashton) aka Mrs YouGov, is pushing to close British Embassies as fast as she can. Probably on a bonus for everyone usurped.
However, what concerns me most is this. Is Jimmy Snotpicker's jaunty behaviour because he's done a deal to fund the election for labour, via The EU? Just imagine the "Lisbon" Irish interference extended to the rump of The UK to wipe out any remaining opposition to The EUSSR. Far fetched? I think not. The BBC are already in high level discussions as to how they might "assist" this grand plan. Jimmy is revelling in being a mega star in the EUSSR Polit Bureau.
Scary, scary times. Am I glad my Daughter and grandchildren chose Aussie over The New USSR. Very glad. If you want to be really aware of where we are, just watch this frightening clip. I wonder where they will build the concentration camps?

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  1. The EU fund Labours' election. Nothing would surprise me these days, OR.