Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Very Happy Christmas and Socialist Free New Year!

Oldrightie Wishes All, A Very Happy Christmas.

When home is really where the heart is, Christmas adds a glow, by being close to someone special, be it family, or just someone we know. So ask yourself a question, would we be better off, without this time of gladness, blessed, through even sadness, when someone feels a loss.

A very special thought for all our troops and their loved ones and especially those so badly maimed or killed.


  1. Same to you, OR, all the very best to you. :-)

  2. Best wishes, OR. As much as anything, I think of Christmas as being a time for a little optimism: so here's hoping that the worst is over and a lot more people are going to start taking notice of what's happening.

  3. Amen OR.

    Merry Christmas OR, and everyone else (barring the exceptions) for that matter.

  4. Thank you, you smashing people!