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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Politics For 2010?

I woke this morning with a typical post Christmas low. The dog soon cheered me up and I buckled down to take my dear Mrs OR breakfast in bed. My spirits began to lift. I'm seeing friends for squash and a beer, the blizzards have passed us by and things look normal and chipper as usual. That phrase "getting out of bed on the wrong side" is one of hundreds of such ancient sayings that are quietly wise and apt.

Then I made the mistake of switching on The BBC news and coming onto the web. First of all we have a brief Party Political Broadcast telling us that Jimmy Snot is to use a New year message to bash The Tories and lie about how great things are under him and his brilliance.

Then comes the smug leftie (state funded) blogs crowing at about how great they will be in 2010. No doubt salivating over either a Labour victory or a Tory Government "Aunt Sally". The latter a target to pick up the shit left behind by Labour to hurl at a struggling effort to put the roof back on before the next hurricane of socialist global failure.

The pettiness of our political parties today is very, very disappointing. Cameron goes from PR doom to sunny uplands and Snotty follows with his own version. Sound bites rain down on us as though we are as infantile and compliant as a 1950s school room class. We are to be beaten into the ground with TV, Web and hoardings exhorting us to BOGOF with one soap opera or another. Well, the nation needs to grow up. How? Destroy the Labour Party as a warning to the survivors from the others. Do not let this panoply of lies and deceit, so beloved of the left, to survive. Quit squabbling and show that voters really matter and what befalls any deceitful, grasping, corrupt Government. No other way will work. Why? Because politicians just don't get it. Schoolboys who need a lesson.

As for The Tories, get real about Labours' appalling record but do it constructively and with the kind of honour and decency shown by the likes of David Davies and John Redwood. Lose this ball and chain of Etonian cliques and favours. Merit and merit alone is required. You should be ashamed at not having a 20% poll lead.


  1. I'm so glad I got rid of the telly and associated tax whilst of relatively sound mind. It was either that or the windows. I've still got a radio though and if I hear talk of a "prosperous" new year under His watchful glass eye one more time, the radio shall meet a very similar end to His bleedin' Nokia (and without replacement too)!

  2. CS, all over the BBC web pages is Brown's "Don't let them spoil the recovery". Unbelievable delusion or just pure nasty self-interest?

  3. Too true about David Davies OR. That's a man of character, wit, and good will. One dud speech during the leadership hustings and that was it - all over for him. On such trivia the fate of a nation depends. And now we've got the Blair-loving, would-be Blair emulating Cameron instead. I don't give a stuff what skool he went to - I bet it wasn't as gude as mine - what I do care about is that the man has no moral substance. How could he though, and admire Blair?

  4. Spot on OR; British politics is in a very depressing place at the moment.

  5. Oh, my dear merry band, for some fresh air!

  6. Great post OR and much better than the one I was thinking about writing for later. Don't think I'll bother now because you've said it all.

    I'm sure many of us understand your low. Usually I try to persuade myself I can only feel better shortly. :)

    Haven't listened to news today so fortunately avoided bursting my vocal chords. Like CS says it's all too much to listen to most of them.

  7. Even good news - the very welcome 'release' of the hostage after the US freed/exchanged some bargaining prisoner - was tainted by our insufferable Foreign Secretary mincing up to a lecturn to proclaim the story. Then it turns out that perhaps the security work being carried out by the hostage may have been to develop IT to track coallition funds being selectively filtered from the Iraqi government coffers to ?Iranian militant groups! So we presume the coallition cash is still knowingly going AWOL? Do we wonder what intimidation this hostage was put under during his imprisonment in Iran to explain his presence in Iraq?
    As I survey my snow-bound surroundings as more snow falls - I am cheered by our potential in Scotland to at least have a leader who expresses and implements leadership with some style and humour and whose party promises robust intentions. I don't always agree but I can't knock their determination to regain our self-respect and national worth.
    I wouldn't recommend it, except for medicinal purposes, but steady your resolve and watch one or two of our First Minister's Questions at Holyrood to view the spectacle of Labour being intelligently and wittily gubbed by the SNP who can barely hide their disbelief at such politically inept 'Opposition'.
    Happy Hogmanay!

  8. "I am cheered by our potential in Scotland to at least have a leader who expresses and implements leadership with some style and humour and whose party promises robust intentions."

    Would they were here, Clarinda and have a great and wonderful New year.