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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Snow Isn't Just For Christmas, UPDATE!

Met Office In Panic As A Big Freeze Looks Likely!

As Jonah arrives in Copenhagen, lakes freeze and heavy snow falls. Edmonton is gripped in ice, The Alps open for skiing big time. Well you get the picture. There is a chance, as predicted weeks ago by OR, every chance of a big chill. Good old God and nature. We are indeed mere mortals.

"Four centuries later - at the start of what could be a new Little Ice Age - the rotting fish is Copenhagen.
The smell in the air may be from the leftover caviar at the banquet tables, or perhaps from the exhaust of 140 private jets and 1200 limousines commissioned by the attendees when they discovered there was to be no global warming evident in Copenhagen. (In fact, the cold will deepen and give way to snow before they leave." further reading, By Joseph D’Aleo,

It's just all about control, hubris and ego. Bilderbergers, your vanity is your weakness. Power to the people! As for FoTE, get a life and stop breeding!


  1. Note, nobody in Copenhagen has mentioned population controls! Mind you that is a big weakness of Snotty's.

  2. CLIMATEGATE proved by the Russians!

  3. Hi, SL, The Russians know what cold is!