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Monday, 21 December 2009

Remember this?

February This Year, 2009!

I had a good go at provocation here;

I noted that none of the AGW zealots happened to mention that this cold spell is the second major freeze in 10 months! It is also beginning to be painfully obvious that the likes of Al Gore are heavily into making billions from scaring the rest of us to death. The same methods were used to justify nuclear proliferation. That was also a fear factor fest. What a world! Mind you there is a bright side. Climategate and now Rajendra Pachauri. See, Wonderful to see these dreadful crooks getting pasted!


  1. I also read this at EU Referendum:

    How many "Green" activists know about this?

  2. I, too, saw this MD. have you also seen Clarinda's comment ref your US find?

  3. Sorry, you've got me there. Where were those comments? I've just been looking through the Liberal Conspiracy "excuse" for a blog, and I can't think properly at the moment!

  4. Md, Clarinda's is on a previous post of mine. Sorry for the confusion.

    Clarinda said...
    Catching up after a busy weekend - your blog on climate 'change' Friday 18th where the comment by 'microwave dave' contains a reference to a US gov paper is now unobtainable via copy and view (at least by my amateur computer 'skills') - I hope he took note of the content before its apparent redaction?

  5. I still can't find Clarinda's comment - got a headache at the moment! - but the document I referred to is a PDF which just needs to be downloaded and then viewed with Adobe Reader, or the much superior "Foxit" reader.

    Alternatively most of it can be viewed directly from this page:

    Do you want to pass it on, or give me a link to the post and I'll do it.


  6. Thanks, MD, I've emailed it to Clarinda. Get well soon. is your headache self or Snotty induced?

  7. Snotty, EU, AGW, etc, induced. I tried self, but that just made my eyes go funny....