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Friday, 11 December 2009

Paddy Throws A Paddy!

Pantsdown Lectures A Senior Officer.

It's funny how these old politicos act as elder wise men and oh so bloody perfect. Nestled in their comfortable state funded pensions and directorships and feeling so smug and special. Wisdom their sole domain where no upstart General can be allowed to steal their whimpering ego. His Captain's disdain for a senior officer and much greater and more successful soldier than ever he could muster, let his slip show on QT. Paddy's strop was pathetic from a man whose infidelity and disloyalty to his family is long forgotten. Despicable and arrogant shit. Come on General Dannat, if Dave fails to deliver lead an Army coup to rid us of the very people who have swaggered us into a beggars hole.


  1. My God! A military coup undertaken by the British Army ...

    "Take over, sarn't major!"

    I'd vote for the General!

  2. OR, my thoughts exactly, why didn't he retort about shaggingoutside his marriage.2 faced old wanker, bet he smells of cabbage and wee. I was rebuked for my undiplomatic opinion, but I like the truth spoken directly, good article. No coup sadly!