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Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year?

Sadly, Unlikely.

Labours' legacy or desire for us all?

My take on the festive season is that it is always good to enjoy life, family and friends. However the passing of time has been tinged with great sadness for many people. As we have been forced to watch the continued devaluation of our nation's culture, traditions and riches ,by socialism and the nastiness of corruption and power, will a "new" year bring much change? One hope was an election but how much will that change things? The EU will continue to erode our lives, Afghanistan will get ever bloodier and 2010 is unlikely to mark any defining improvement. The Left, if defeated, will get ever nastier whilst a rump Government will see the real depth of depravity they inherit.

Still I remain ever hopeful. Just imagine if the British people did destroy Labour once and for all. What if a talented PM arrived in Number 10 and wrought the tough but fair changes necessary. Now that would be a NEW year.

May all your blessings remain and a big thank you to all Oldrightie's followers.


  1. Can't argue with much of that, OR. Happy New year anyway!

  2. It's a good dream, and we can do more than hope: we can DO something because thanks to generations of heroes and heroines, we can vote.

    Entirely different motion, for action now! ;-)

    Happy New Year, OR, and on we go...

  3. There's little point wishing or hoping; people have to make things happen and make their voices heard - with that we could look forward to a year as you describe in your last para. Unfortunately, I think 2010 will be even worse, whoever is in office.

    A very Happy New Year OR.

  4. Oi! Where did you get my photograph? And is that Cherie Blair sitting at the back?

  5. Happy New Year!

    2010, Election year and I can't fucking wait to get started ;-)

  6. Happy New Year, OR, and THANK YOU for your blog!!

  7. Well, thsnk you all for making my 2010 a cracking start!