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Saturday, 12 December 2009

More To Be Made Guilty About!

"Forget Carbon, Copehagen Scientists Find New Target to Spend Our Money on - Nitrogen!"

Having been forced into some recognition of the fact that CO2 is not the demon as originally proposed, the social set have now found a second drum to beat (nitrogen) so that as the demonization of CO2 fades, there will still be a “Problem” to solve! And considering it comprises 78% of our atmosphere versus just 0.038% for CO2, they have a bigger target. However man’s percentage impact is even smaller than with CO2. H/t JN.

Reports from Copenhagen.
Climate science Q&A: Has 40% of all Arctic ice melted? By Lord Christopher Monckton
Q. The great truth-monger Al Gore claimed yesterday that 40% of the Artic Ice Cap has already disappered, and that the other 60% will be gone in 5, 10, or 15 years. If almost half of the Artic ice has already melted, then why aren�t London, New York, Miami, Venice, Houston, Singapore, etc., under water?
Is this the same type of over-exaggeration that Gore was guilty of practicing when he claimed that the Earth’s core temperature is several millions of degrees? I cannot wait for your debate with the great truth-monger!
A. Even if the entire Arctic ice cap were to disappear altogether, as it did during the summer in the medieval warm period and throughout the year 850,000 years ago, sea level would not rise by as much as a millionth of an inch, because the Arctic polar ice cap is floating. You can demonstrate this for yourself by taking a large glass, placing a big ice-cube in it, then carefully filling up the glass with water until the water is exactly level with the rim. Now let the ice melt. Even when all the ice is gone, the water level remains exactly the same, and not a drop spills over. I recently demonstrated this experiment at lunch after a talk at Lloyds of London. The brokers and underwriters were fascinated.
For a few weeks only, in September 2007 only, the Arctic ice cap lost just over a quarter of the ice extent that it would normally have at its summer minimum, so that there was less ice than there had been in the 28 years since satellites had been able to give us a reasonably reliable measure of it. By September 2008, almost half of the missing ice had returned.

This climate change rubbish is slowly disappearing up it's own flue!
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  1. All hot air as you point out OR!

  2. Our First Minister is away to Hopenhagen to join forces with the believers.

    When is any politican going to stand up and say "Wait a minute"?

  3. I don't think they feel the lovely taxing subject needs any pause, Subrosa.

  4. How long before the EPA declare Oxygen to be a danger to health?

  5. Yes we need a Toxigen Axe right now.