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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Macho Banana Man's Year?

At The Beginning of 2009, In India.

"Senior officials told The Hindu on Friday the MEA statement was really the product of the irritation India felt with Mr. Miliband for the “aggressive” manner in which he conducted himself in his closed-door meetings with Mr. Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In particular, South Block took offence to his strident arguments that the Mumbai terror attacks were really the result of the Kashmir issue remaining unresolved.
“He’s a young man and I guess this is the way he thinks diplomacy is conducted,” said a senior official. “In both his meetings, his posture and style of talking were a little too aggressive. The PM and EAM are much older and this is not what they are used to,” he added, describing the meetings as “quite an episode.”

At The End of 2009........

"Just a few days ago The Miliband brothers and Gordon blamed China for their sabotaging role in Copenhagen and upset The Chinese a lot. That definitely put a nail in the coffin of Mr. Shaikh. "

Not content with this manner of making our streets safe, one of the brothers Grim, (one 'm' intended) he seeks further gaffe making opportunities to impress Hilary by;

"Britain has been given a warning by Iran's foreign minister that it will receive "a punch on the mouth" if it does not "stop the nonsense".
Manouchehr Mottaki responded after UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband hailed the "great courage" of Iranians who staged opposition protests on Sunday. "

With The Economy occupying every one's minds we tend not to notice the minions of Jimmy Snot's schoolboy sycophants and their playground antics. The same behaviour that has us bogged down in Afghanistan. The trouble is these children are causing havoc and death everywhere. How on this earth have we got such useless idiots, from one tatty communist illegal immigrant background, at this level of our supposed Government? It sure as hell is not on merit, so what is it? The 'it' infects virtually the whole labour debacle, from Snotpicker down. The Tories should be at 60% if they were much better.


  1. He appears literally to be doing what he is doing metaphorically.

  2. Agreed OR. Miliband has the socialist disease of always thinking himself right and he upsets too many people. It's a shame Cameron's Cons have been so weak in opposition - as you say, they should be in a much better position by now.

  3. Their Dad always liked to think he was right.

  4. I would really like to see Iran give this little twat a punch on the mouth - preferably with the butt of an AK47...

    O/T, but I mentioned a few days ago that your blog wasn't displaying properly. As of mid afternoon it's back to normal.

  5. Jimmy McSnot is really pissed off that China executed a Pakistani drug-smuggler.

    I bet the Chinese are really cacking their pants!

  6. microdave said... Thanks for the gen. I seem to get my fair share of "interference". Not that I'm paranoid of course!

  7. killemallletgodsortemout said...

    It seems the world at large have worked out he's a tosser and a loser!