Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Lest We Forget.

I'll Try And Be Brief.

I hate this conflict and loathe this Labour Government. I am yet so very proud of our troops and their capabilities. Just last Tuesday two soldiers died, reportedly sacrificing themselves to protect civilians from a suicide attack. Heroes. Yet all the MSM and politicians have managed all week is a 150 million quid jamboree to determine how hard to punish us all with taxes. Just last Tuesday, two whole days ago. Already forgotten until the MSM manage to hijack Wootton Bassett again. These soldiers remains come back just before Christmas. Blair/Brown you are evil bastards. Downing Street desperate for cudos fron Copenhagen. Can you believe this stupidity.

We need these troops back home to protect us from The Labour Thought Police Force, methinks.

For all our troops, thank you and come home soon.


  1. I endorse every word of your post, OR.

  2. Again I admire your tenacity and eloquence. x

  3. Great minds, Killer, great minds!!

  4. Fuck Blair, fuck Brown and fuck that most evil fucker Campbell.

    RIP Dr David Kelly, and all the others who have given - and who will continue to give their lives for those fucking oxygen thieves in Westminster.

  5. Heroes every one.

    If only Jonah would just go and take his band of corrupt, sycophantic followers with him.