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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Labour Start Boxing Championships.

Labour Have Decided To Contest The Debt Mountain Solutions.

This is just a preliminary bout. In Jimmy's corner was Eddy Testicles and Fondlebum. It is believed that Fearless Fondle is to contest the next bout in the semi-final. Betting is that the final will be between Freddy and Gromit. It may however become a bout to decide the championship third place.
I wonder who the voters would like to be in the ring with Clumsyfist Snotpicker. Any ideas?
The referee is looking very hard at Ali Baba, maybe heard about the pensioner smacking!


  1. I'd love to be in Darling's place with a horseshoe in my glove!

  2. I can see Ken Clarke taking on Broon.

  3. My money is on the lady in the third row with the zimmer frame.