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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Keeping Our Streets Safe?

If This Is The Boss......................

...........what does it say for the rest of them?

Please read these two paragraphs very carefully, there follows a quiz.

The UK government is facing potential embarrassment after its scheme to monitor the entry and exit of travellers in this country was found to conflict with EU rules on free movement.
The e-Borders scheme was supposed to make it compulsory to collect information from everyone in advance of their travel, so that the passengers could be checked against security watchlists. From

A British soldier from 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, has been killed in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.
The soldier died from wounds which were sustained in a blast while on foot patrol in the Nad-e-Ali area of central Helmand on Saturday.


What is Labour's mantra for why we are at war in Afghanistan?

Did this e-borders debacle cost; a) £150,000 b) £1,500,000 or nearly 1% of the UK's deficit at £1.5 billion.

How many soldiers might die before Christmas?

How many families and little children will be without their Dads?

Which Government has the biggest c**t as leader?

Which Government has the biggest group of cu*ts under him?

How much is Prezzabulimia being paid by The EU, (us).

Picture quiz.

Is this a) A street in Kabul? or b) A street in Luton?

Will no one rid us of this curse and bring our troops home, tell The EU to piss off and clean up our streets, using the soldiers we are presently wasting? By the way where is Snotty? Freezing, wherever the global warming,hot air fart is. Why is Prescott wobbling around again? Part of the gravy boat, I suppose.


  1. I got them all correct then was sick.

  2. The answers are all frighteningly obvious, OR, there's never a pissed-off assassin around when you need one!

  3. The only question which really threw me was the first one, OR. Labour's mantra, as propagated by their use-ful(or -less) idiots at the BBC has varied between everything from wimmin's rites to immigration control to "instilling democracy" (by force, as that's demokratik, innit?).

    The most sickening thing of all (besides our troops dying for oil pipelines), is Prezza being considered an "authority" on the climate. Considering he couldn't even get the hang of bulimia, that's quite some feat. Or corruption.

  4. CS, I'm with you on the failed bulimic. To quote Jo Brand, "I'm bulimic, I'm just not very good at it." That applies to everything he does including Tracy. Rumour has it she's still a repository for the weenie!

  5. Interesting re the recent Prescott regurgitation, I mean resurrection. Surely a sign that the stories about the final showdown between Mandelson and Brown are true.

  6. None of Snotty's regurgitated friendships last long do they Jim?