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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Jimmy Organises A Urinating Gig At A Distillery.

How Labour Run Your Country.

Billions of pounds and this image sums up the best Labour can do to organise a party. This latest Aintworthalot announcement is utterly puerile, pathetic and stupid beyond measure. We have all done the arguments on Afghanistan but of all the crap this is the most ridiculous, short sighted and mind boggling incompetence I have ever heard.
A handful of helicopters at the expense of one of our few remaining airbases and then some. These wretched machines will end up ten years too late. First one delivered in 2013. FFS, how long are we expected to be keeping our streets safe? With not a single pound to spare except for grand gestures and nuclear deterrents that we expect never to use. Oh, of course we have to find billions for our war on Nature and our despots overseas. When will this nightmare ever end? Yet still some stupid buggers seem to want to vote for them. 31%! That's a very big loony bin.


  1. Shouldn't that read "How Labour Ruin Your Country"

  2. Brainless Ainsworth is just spouting the shite Brown feeds him, there are hundreds of spare Chinooks in the USA we could lease immediately if required.

  3. Rod, absolutely but in the past tense. Lorenzo, some kickbacks to cushion their dole money, I suspect.

  4. The 31% don't deserve to vote and shouldn't be entitled to vote. They vote compulsively, no matter how atrocious their own personal circumstances are made by their beloved cause. A decent IQ should be a prerequisite for voting eligibility. They're what makes Britain bad, we'd be better off without them.

  5. Definitely, SL. People should be required to qualify to vote.