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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Is The Arctic getting Colder?

It Is This Year Compared To Last Year.

Only recent imagery carry the snow pictures so I chose just one year ago for this exercise. As plain as can be the Arctic is considerably greater covered in sea ice than just one year ago. It is sad that polar bears and penguins may suffer terribly, having got used to the warming climate. The sea routes will also have to be delayed until we can somehow reverse this terrible ice age that seems to be about to deepen. As for energy supplies, watch out for some very bad news in a couple of weeks time. Gromit, (Milipede Minor) will be whingeing we are trying to keep too warm!


  1. Why doesn't this surprise me? I know. This year there was little in the way of warmth. I even had the heating on in the evenings in August because it was so damp.

  2. Maybe I didn't make myself clear OR in my last post on this subject. We just don't understand science, that's the problem. The unusual cold that we are currently experiencing is a sure sign of global warming, it turns out, although the original theory has had to be tweaked to account for it. Why can't we get that into our thick heads?

    By the way, I'd always heard that the arctic was free of ice during ice ages, i.e when the rest of us were under two miles of the stuff.

  3. OldRightie, the argument is not about whether the planet warming or cooling, it is about mans impact on climate. Given that mans impact is considerably less than 1%, then I think we can all agree that we have very little affect on the climate.
    Do what a good scientist would do, start from a clean sheet of paper and prove (or disprove) that man affects the climate.
    Don’t plot a load of data points and say ‘There see, the planet is cooling’ because a load of people have done exactly the same to prove the planet is warming. Any data series can be sampled to prove what you want to find.

  4. Anon, 1030.........
    I totally agree. However the impact of AGW religious followers, like Gore, will be felt, as always by the poor and not the wealthy.
    Jim, your turn of irony has me quite baffled!
    Subrosa, remember cold is warm and warm is hot!