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Thursday, 24 December 2009

How Good Is Labour?

You Know What I Think.

For 12 long years we have endured the worst, most manipulative, mendacious, evil Government in the history of this once decent Country. Now we are a dumping ground for The World's least attractive people and a poverty stricken satellite of a European elite. Our pensions, businesses and lives degraded and spoilt. Anybody have any idea why? All I can say, is look long and hard at this picture above. This not the tiny minority of MPs and power brokers lives of luxury. This is their legacy and there is not an apology in sight. Especially not from The Met Office.
I love Christmas but every one, under this Labour yolk, is ever more anxiety and misery ridden. Still, I shall post a happier blog later!


  1. You're right OR - I saw that pic and thought it was from a 3rd world country with its demolished buildings, graffiti and waste ground. This is their legacy for Britain and it will be a hard road to undo it. The more I know the more I think the Cons aren't up to it - I wish they were and that it could be so simple. I'm afraid, Christmas though it is, I'm still in full-on rant mode at the moment.

  2. GV, it is very hard to not be on rant mode. Tomorrow, perhaps?

  3. Last time I saw something like that was in the old Eastern Bloc over twenty years ago, OR.

  4. That photo could have been taken in many cities in Scotland. That's the shame of it. What do labour do? Nothing. Give them more 'benefits'.