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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hot Air In Copenhagen?

An Industry Needs Protecting.

The scandal of last week's revelations on the manipulation and disgusting arrogance of the climate comedy experts recedes in order to ensure the 41000 tonne CO2 juggernaut of Copenhagen gets taken seriously. However their stupidity and paucity of common sense, awash with the cash and glory of supporting The Bilderberger cash cow of climate taxation, surfaces yet again. We complain at the cost of UK QUANGOs but there are a legion of global ones. here is one of them. Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. Now these Court Jesters are wringing their hands over the closing of the Antarctic ozone layer. Their ridiculous assertion is that it will trap higher CO2 gas levels and accelerate warming. It really is beyond a joke.

Look guys, trees absorb CO2. More trees, fewer people, simples! What do our great and good do? Nothing to stop rain de-forestation, birth rate increases or reduced consumption. Nope, they promote growth and globalisation. Madness. As for Copenhagen, yet more consumption and one hell of a lot of



  1. There's a glimmer of hope - China, India, Brazil & South Africa have threatened to jointly walk out of the conference if they are told what to do.

    And the opposition in Australia have just elected a new leader who considers AGW to be "Crap". The ruling Labor party don't have an overall majority, so this could (hopefully) de-rail their attempts to sign the Cap & Trade deal.

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  2. Harold Wilson said 'A week is a long time in politics'. Last week was a long one for the Warmists. At the end of it, many, many more people were aware of who the real 'Deniers' are.

  3. The more I hear about Oz, (their economic solution to the depression, give money to the people and now AGW is crap) the more I am thrilled my Daughter and her family live there!
    My next post is my 500th. Any ideas as to subject?

  4. Don't be too encouraged by the Australians' apparent opposition to the NWO agenda. They are deep in the scam just like every other major politician in the West, or they would be demonised in the press. Just a tactical backtrack, I suspect.
    As for the Chinese, Indians, etc threatening to walk out, I haven't read a thing about that and it does not make sense, as all this fraud is to a large extent to divert Western industry to their shores (what's left of it) and they would be receivers and not payers if the Copenhagen robbery goes ahead.