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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Gromit Panics?

As Ever, Follow The Money!

Gromit shows his powerful grasp of detail?

Mr Miliband said in a debate with Lord Lawson that there is "as close as you can get to a scientific consensus on climate change" and the challenge is to convince people and ensure that measures dealing with it are equitable. I doubt the ugly little man has been here.

On the eve of the Copenhagen climate talks, which will attract world attention to emissions trading schemes, police and tax investigators across Europe are believed to be investigating hundreds of millions of euros worth of fraud involving carbon quotas originating in Denmark.

Coincidentally, Mittal, Fondebum's pal has been reported as having made BILLIONS with carbon offset trading. So close a steel plant and flog the carbon it will no longer produce! In other words, you become ever more richer selling something that does not exist. Nice work, you climate warriors. Bastards, all of them.

Now this whole affair takes another terrific twist. A strong rumour has emerged that The Russians plundered The CRU to get the incriminating, fiddled data. So now we have a possible "Tinker, Tailor" scenario. All this crap would be of nought if it were not desperately important to pull the wool over the peoples' eyes. That need is, of course all about money and power. Has Mittal bought all the world's steel plants just to close them and make his billions through "off-sets"? Stranger things happen, such as our funding The Taliban!


  1. I suppose he'll be 5* hotel dwelling in Copenhagen?

  2. Subrosa will be back sometime tomorrow

  3. I still feel it was an "inside job" rather than someone or organisation hacking in from outside. The contents of the encrypted folder were just too well chosen to be a quick "get in, and get out before anyone notices" job.

    However it is no secret that the UEA actively encourages Russian students - some of the emails refer to the travel arrangements of one, so this could be a very useful cover.

  4. Subrosa will be back sometime tomorrow

    Great, if true!

  5. has been taken down. Details on G.O.T.