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Monday, 28 December 2009

Google and Politics.

An Inconvenient, Quiet Truth.

I have spent some time today searching for Arctic weather and ice pictures and reports. After much effort I have found these superb images but on this site are still disturbing caveats and excuses. You be the judges. However the comparison image programme is stunning. I offer these below. Now if that is not a pure riposte to AGW, what will it take?

There does appear to be several instances of Google issues which are suppressed for no apparent reason. Sad.


  1. I've been doing some work on this too, with, I hope, an open mind. I am agnostic on the whole climate change issue. But - my understanding, unmotivated by any prejudgement, is that we should consider that increased snow over Greenland, and maybe anywhere else, turns out to be just what you'd expect from global warming even though nobody predicted that before. OK. Science and theory adapt to new evidence. That I accept. But there comes a time to reject the hypothesis.

    I'll be happy to be corrected.

  2. The global warming cat is definitely out of the bag.

    When its successor, the climate change cat, escapes too, will that be the end of it? Oh, no, of course not. Even though what climate change may be happening will turn out not to be threatening, we must remember that that could change at any time. So, the carbon credits, the new industries, the new quangoes, the war against light bulbs and hot baths, etc. etc. will continue, as will the necessity for the righteous to control our every action.

  3. You're right about the images.

    There have already been some murmurings about nitrogen, which incidentally, is heavily used in fertiliser. Extortionate food taxes, perhaps?

    Failing that, possibly "climate movement" as opposed to "climate change". Still, we're all online now, so we can watch the scam cooking as it steams.

  4. There is a far,far more pressing issue than the earth overheating
    It is the fact that me and my mates
    will be standing outside pubs having a smoke,debating how we can
    make sure Labour and Tories do NOT get an overall majority at the next election

    To the right of right

  5. What diverse views. The last Anon is wrong. Show we can defeat one party and ergo control the other bastards.

  6. Let’s be clear, there is no such thing as manmade global warming, there are many factors that have a much greater affect on global weather than man.
    But you have to be very careful how you argue the above with the AWG believers, the pictures you have used above show sea ice in purple and there is more purple (sea ice) on the 26/12/1970 than on the 27/12/2009.
    The white stuff is snow on land so even though the picture looks dramatic, it really isn’t.
    Don’t give the AWG believers an easy ride by producing an ill thought-out counter argument.

  7. Anon 2300. I take to heart your points. However the snow shown for this Dec picture has been removed by the site on all pictures prior to, I think, 1998. This has been done to leave the 100% sea ice magenta only. Now if you consider that snow lies over sea ice then you can discern the extent just as easily. It is the first, earlier picture that is an incorrect image. It is easy enough to lay one over the other and show that there is a considerably greater area of sea covered by ice and snow this year.