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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Global Warming Again!

Where Is Prof. "Andy" Watson When You Need An Asshole?

Houston, early December, 2009!

"By Eric Berger and Peggy O'Hare, Houston Chronicle
Houston this morning broke a record with the earliest snowfall ever recorded in the city’s history. Forecasters are still hedging their bets on the amount, but say the most likely scenario is 1 to 2 inches of widespread snowfall through the day. Some areas could get up to a half a foot.

A freeze warning has been issued for more than 20 Texas counties, including the coastal counties of Chambers, Galveston, Brazoria, Matagorda and Jackson, extending northward through Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, Wharton and Liberty counties, then stretching as far northwest as the cities of Bryan and College Station and as far northeast as Trinity and Polk counties.
“Even though we can’t say for sure this weather event is going to occur, we can definitely say our confidence has increased substantially compared to three or four days ago,” said Fred Schmude, a meteorologist with ImpactWeather, a private, Houston-based forecasting service."

I can't carry on posting for laughter. Copenhagen might be quite chilly next week, as well as cold weather, Jimmy!


  1. My God, OR, that looks cold.

  2. You've got to laugh out loud at the lentil-munching nutters - it's the only way.

    Global warming, my arse.

  3. Oh! well Odd seems like Cameron will not be bringing the Boys Home then.
    And what with the Referendum Capitulation so why do you vote Cameron?

  4. Who says I do? As far as I'm aware no one has had a chance to date.

  5. The lefty position on this becomes more ridiculous, (and sinister), with every new announcement, OR.

  6. The Arctic is melting! Please return all frozen precipitation and cool air immediately. Summer's over and we need it back for Santa... Lindsay