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Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Election

Sooner Rather Than Later, Please.

Anyone following my recent posts will know of the fear I have expressed that the EU will bankroll Labour. Now there is talk of an election in March. I hope it happens. I am also less enthusiastic about Cameron after the Lisbon wimpout. However, what passes for excellence in this Labour regime is less pleasant than I have ever scraped off my shoes, ever in my life. As I have said often, destroy Labour as a message to all parties, do well or get destroyed. Think on that.


  1. Why do I have the horrible, frightening feeling that Labour will get back in? NuCon are no better. I have never before both wanted and dreaded an election to such a degree.

    Many happy returns on your birthday - phew, just made it in time!

  2. I can't vote for either Labour or Tories, they just don't represent my views at all, both are anathema to anyone with libertarian sensibilities with their support of the EU and other authoritarian stances.
    I'll probably vote UKIP.

  3. Thank you Anon! To both I repeat my words, get Labour wrecked as a warning to the other parties. Then look to change your vote.