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Thursday, 3 December 2009

A Day In The Life Of Brown's Britain.

The United Kingdom, Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.

The US believed the UK would take part in the Iraq invasion even if there were no efforts to solve the crisis via the UN, the Chilcot inquiry has been told.

The Care Quality Commission said almost 4,000 residential homes and other agencies - providing care for more than 80,000 people - must improve the quality of service they provide.

RBS board may quit if £1.5bn bonus plan is vetoed
State-owned bank in turmoil over government threat to pay-outs.

Poverty in Britain is at a nine year high, says Joseph Rowntree Foundation report
The gap between rich and poor is at its highest for nearly 10 years, a report says today.

THE outraged father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan has slammed the government after receiving a condolence letter TWO YEARS after his son died.

Police warned over misuse of terror laws to stop innocent photographers.

Nicolas Sarkozy has ditched plans to visit London tomorrow after sparking fury in the City.

The Pakistani Prime Minister has hit back at Gordon Brown's call for more to be done to find Osama bin Laden, insisting that the al-Qaeda leader was not hiding in Pakistan.

The real tragedy in all this is where is a man or woman to help us all out of this mess?

Maybe, just maybe?


  1. Is there birdshit on Gordons suit...

  2. Hi, Killer, more like nasal matter.

  3. Gorgon does rather look like a sack of shit, loosely-tied, doesn't he?

    UKIP? Not a bad guess, in my view, OR.

    LibZanuLabCon are more exposed as muppets each day that passes, especially the Cons. Vote red, vote blue, either way we're in for more of the same. The Libs are an irrelevance.

    So UKIP, BNP or The Monster Raving Loonies for me, I'm afraid.

  4. I doubt you will be alone, killer!