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Monday, 7 December 2009

Copenhagen Junket Week!

Another, Don't Dare Argue With Us Mob.

This bunch were behind the demos yesterday. No debate, no mention of hockey sticks or tree rings. Just pure, self-righteous, know all clap trap. Hand wringing over Siberia, we are all doomed at 2 degrees rise in temperature. Nowt about that these rises use city temps caused by overcrowding and human gas emissions. Still, with a noble cause to fight, let's go for doom and gloom. As childish as the "poll tax" demos. Grow up, stop agonising and admire the wonder of Nature. If she wishes us gone, gone we shall be!

Carbon in exile - Siberia melts away

-46 °C
Siberian weather report for today, quick get over there and put out the smoke from wood burning fires.

Question is the planet better off without people? Probably. Would we save carbon emissions without these junkets? Certainly!


  1. "Nature. If she wishes us gone, gone we shall be!"

    Indeed, OR! And it looks to me like Nature does want us gone, but not via Global Warming.

  2. My money's on an ice age, Edgar!

  3. By human gas emissions do you mean people that fart...

  4. "By human gas emissions do you mean people that fart..."

    So it's all my fault now, is it?

  5. 'If she wishes us gone, gone we shall be!'

    Exactly. In the meantime, glory in jet-trails on a cold bright morning, glory in the sights and smells of an oil refinery at night, glory in the music of turbines. These things are us, we and what we do and make are as much a part of nature as any coral reef. Make the most of it. We won't be here forever.

  6. The planet would certainly be better of without that self-righteous, self-serving shower of shite in Copenhagen, OR!